When you hear "Pit Bull," what do you think? Mean? Aggressive? These are the stereotypical things that everyone thinks. But come to think of it, Pits are actually very loving dogs, and don't fit with the stereotypes at all! As the saying goes, an animal learns from its owner, so technically, any dog could be mean and aggressive, it is not just breed-specific. Here are five reasons why you should own a Pit.

1. Pits love to cuddle, they may take up the bed and sometimes snore but the love you need when you have a hard day or just need a snuggle is always there.

2. They have so much energy. Pits are the types of dogs that need to run, so they are the perfect running buddy. Not only will you get in shape, but they will get tired which leaves less time for them to create havoc.

3. They are very obedient. Teaching them tricks comes easily. Don't be surprised when they can do more than five tricks because they sure do love to impress!

4. They are sensitive to sound. They hear just about anything, which makes them good guard dogs! They will make your home feel safe and sound.

5. What's better than that original head tilt?! They have it down as soon as they're born. When they are in trouble, when they are confused, or just being plain cute, they know to pull out that head tilt to make them look innocent.

Not to mention that Pits and Pit mixes are some of the most common dogs you'll find at a shelter, so if you're looking to add another member to your family, head over to a local shelter and you're sure to find the perfect pit for you!