Five Reasons Why Applying to Grad School is Scary
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Five Reasons Why Applying to Grad School is Scary

I am currently in the process of applying to grad school and thought I'd share my thoughts on it altogether.

Five Reasons Why Applying to Grad School is Scary

Grad school, continuing your education... the joys of applying to grad school seem never-ending.

1. By going to graduate school, it's assumed you know what you're doing.

Having TIme

If you're intending to go to grad school, that means you have your whole life together, right? Wrong.

2. Getting recommendations.


What professors was I closest to? Does my boss count? I need THREE??

3. Filling out applications.


Wait, didn't I already do something like this before? Oh no, I need to give all of my personal information to this university that I may not even go to, again?

4. Finding not only the perfect school, but also the perfect price.

US News

Bachelor's degree, down... wait, I have to spend MORE money?

5. Finding the will to continue school.


Contemplating taking a gap year... oh no, I probably won't ever go back if I do that.

Whatever you decide to do, just know grad school won't end up being as scary as the application process. Good luck!

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