Five Coaches I'd Like To Grab A Cold One With
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Five Coaches I'd Like To Grab A Cold One With

Five Coaches I'd Like To Grab A Cold One With
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Recently, the Greek hub for hilarious, obscure and random news, Total Frat Move, released an article about five college football coaches any guy would like to share a beer with.

The reasons were on-par, and a couple of the chosen coaches were no-brainers to someone with above-average knowledge of college football.

It got me to thinking about which famous coaches I would want to toss back a couple of casual brews with. However, it wouldn’t just be college. It would be big-time, famous men at the helm of their teams from all sports in the past. That makes the list enormous, but offers so many potential candidates. These aren't just your average Joes; these are men who had a certain swagger and personality that made them the coaches they were. Within this fraternity of highly-regarded and respected coaches, there is an elite group that I'd like to raise a glass with.

1. Bob Knight

At the time of his retirement in 2008, "The General" had the most wins in NCAA Division I basketball with 902. He also holds the record for the most chairs thrown onto the court during his coaching career. While that previous statement may or may not be true, it stems from him being one of the most passionate and fiery coaches college basketball has ever seen with his top-notch knowledge of the game, and his combative nature when encountering the press. 

2. Mike Ditka

"Da Coach" is the only person in NFL history to win a championship with the same team (Chicago Bears) as a player and a coach. He's in the Hall of Fame, and he's also got one helluva a mustache that could make a man cower in fear. Let's not forget that classic Bears sweater vest he rocked for years. If he hasn't already won enough awards coaching and playing football, he deserves an Academy Award for his role in Kicking & Screaming as the juice box guy. Let's swap out that Russian vodka for a nice, cold American brewski. 

3. Tom Osborne

Osborne was, and still is, Nebraska football. His Cornhuskers dominated college football during the '80s and '90s, and they reached a BCS bowl game in each of those seasons. His defenses were known for being the most intimidating and were referred to as the "Blackshirts" because they practiced in black jerseys. In his final five seasons, he won 60 games, while only losing three. If that wasn't enough, he was even elected to Congress in the early 2000s, and held three terms as a U.S. Representative. 

4. Bobby Cox

Do you know how many times you need to be ejected from an MLB game to hold the all-time record? If you guessed 158, you're either a liar or you looked it up and knew. Cox was tossed that many times in his managerial career that spanned four decades. He's one of the best managers ever to head his club and, deservingly so, he was elected into the Hall of Fame last December. The man was so good that even after being fired by the Atlanta Braves, owner Ted Turner was asked who was on his short-list for managers and said, "It would be Bobby Cox if I hadn't just fired him. We need someone like him around here." Props. 

5. Paul "Bear" Bryant

Nothing more can describe straight class from a coach than a tailored suit with a houndstooth hat leaning against the goal post watching your team warm-up. To the average sports fan, Bryant may not be a household name, but Bear racked up 14 SEC titles, as well as six National Championships in his time as the head ball coach in the SEC for Kentucky, Texas A&M and Alabama. Heck, he's even got four buildings named after him at 'Bama. He's been gone since '83, but I'd more than happily travel back in time to listen to this legend. while getting a little "hoppy."

As Benjamin Franklin was once misquoted saying, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." 

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