Not All Millennials Are "Bad"

For a while now, I have heard a lot of complaints about our current generation and our "problems." Multiple people have told me to write articles on how the “millennials,” as they like to call us, have taken our privileges and ran for the hills. As I sit and here tonight, I can’t force myself to write something I do not believe.

For starters, there are faults in every generation, and the faults do not fall entirely on the youth. The trends and morals instilled into the youth are primarily learned through the parents or corresponding adults. Children are not born into life with aspirations to be rude, inappropriate, or lack any sense of morals. They must be conditioned to think a certain way and taught how to act.

Right off the bat, you can see my view on the ‘socially corrupt millennials’ we have wandering the Earth. I feel as if it is a bad name just salting the tops of our image. As some of you might be thinking, how could I ignore the true test of morality. The Language, body usage, and risky behavior of the youth are the key components that characterize the millennials.

The language being referred to is among some of the most colorful, but distasteful, words in the dictionary (some not even heard of). Of course, these words are due to the sudden trend in culture and what some deem as ‘important’. We find the body usage of the current generation to be more profound at a younger age than usual. Sexualizing anything and everything our minds can get ahold of, right? Our risky behavior has cost us serious injuries if not, our own lives. From lighting ourselves on fire to choking ourselves until we pass out, we have hit a real level of accomplishments here. As my level of sarcasm has hit an all time high, let me stop there.

As a millennial, I have lived in my time. I have viewed the trend, tried them out, and placed them accordingly. Individually, we are all just a fish in water. We swim one way and get thrown the other. Either way, we are looking for a place in this vast ocean. Times may change, and the current might get stronger, but we are told to hold on for it will all work out.

The descriptions of millennials previously stated were comments made to me from fellow peers. It breaks my heart to think the world I live in views my generation so poorly. Yes, there will always be the rotten crowd, but look at the rest of us. If I fit the description above, would I be writing this to you? There are well-educated, motivated, and determined young minds out there, you just have to look. By categorizing the majority of the youth into an undesirable corner, you are limiting the potentials given.

Some might say the chance of a ‘good’ to come from so much ‘bad’ is rare, others might say it is impossible; I just say we are fish in dirty water. Don’t look at the grime left by others, look at us individually.

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