Freshman year can be difficult. The campus is confusing, classes are hard, and everyone else seems to just have everything figured out already. But don't fret, everyone's favorite Guardian of the Galaxy is here to break down your first year, step by step:

The first couple of weeks will be a blur of chaos and confusion.

But despite all the confusion, you will still somehow be having the time of your life.

You'll most likely try out some clubs and activities that ... just aren't for you.

You'll discover the campus' overly-friendly wild squirrel population.

You'll meet people who have the same hobbies and quirks as you do.

You'll discover that no dress codes for class is pretty much the best thing ever.

You'll try (and probably fail) to navigate your confusing online class' website.

You'll immediately regret your inexperience with class scheduling when you have four classes in a row on a Friday morning.

You'll spend a solid hour staring at the clock and wishing your morning class would just end already.

Instant ramen and microwavable meals will become 90 percent of your nutritional intake now that you're fending for yourself.

Because of this new diet, your standards for food will be the lowest they've ever been.

All of your standard prerequisite classes like math, English and history will be full of freshmen who are just as lost as you are.

You'll discover the art of BS-ing your way through entire essays.

You'll somehow ace a test you didn't even study for. Yay for class curves!

Your first time at the local bars and clubs will be ... a new experience, for sure.

You'll realize working out at the campus gym is not as easy as the experienced upperclassmen make it look.

Your weight will fluctuate due to your brand new college lifestyle.

Because of the huge adjustment, there's a chance you'll get a bad grade in a class or two.

After a while, you'll finally get the hang of studying and going to classes, and your classes will start actually making sense.

College can be hard. Some days will be harder than others.

But don't worry, freshmen. These really will be the best four (give or take) years of your life!