So you've finally decided to go on a diet.

You've been thinking about it for months, but it just never felt like the right time. Now you've made the commitment, but the hard part is just beginning.

You've got a whole roller coaster of feels ahead of you before you make being healthy a habit.

1. When did I gain so much weight?

I swear, these jeans fit me yesterday...


Stop eating carbs? Let's just calm down for a second.

3. That's it. I'm eating healthy from now on!

I do solemnly swear it!

4. Wait a minute. How do you eat healthy, anyway?

Learning nutrition in school would have been a lot more useful than calculus.

5. Oh. So being healthy is just eating lettuce all the time.

No wonder no one wants to start dieting.

6. OK, I ate the salad. Why haven't I lost any weight yet?

You mean that isn't how this works?

7. I guess I'd better start exercising too...

Twenty jumping jacks and three push ups counts as exercise, right?

8. Wow. I am horrible at exercising.

How do fitness models make this look so fun?

9. I miss food that isn't green.

But I guess I'll continue eating my vegetables and dreaming of chocolate. *sigh*

10. One little bite off chocolate won't hurt...

Just one. I promise.

11. Oops. I ate everything.

Everyone has cheat days, right? I'll do better tomorrow.

12. And here we go. Back to the lettuce.

So maybe every day should be cheat day.

13. I'm actually getting better at exercising though!

Who knew this was possible?

14. Maybe this dieting thing isn't so bad after all.

You mean eating healthy and working out is making me look and feel better? This is groundbreaking news.

15. Just don't expect me to completely give up the chocolate.

What good is keeping yourself alive if you can't have any dessert?