My second semester of freshman year begins next week, and I'm planning to take it on by storm. My first semester was nothing less of the dull cliche you imagine, but it really helped me find my place on campus.

There are many things we hear about every freshman's first year and there are many things we are told about it. We all live it vicariously and very differently, and we all made time to develop our own opinions of what college is really like. I went to college thinking it was going to be a certain way, and I was hit really hard with the reality that what I thought it would be was not the case at all.

I was told before moving to college that I would find some of the best friends that I'll ever make in my entire life the first few weeks of college, which was not at all the case. I mean, I am pretty social. I joined a club and a sorority. I started writing for Odyssey. I got a job. But, those friends really just did not come. I know, I know. They aren't going to be handed to me and maybe I didn't put in the best effort to even make them, but honestly, I'm okay with who I've got, but it truly took me by surprise.

Aside from the best friends I never really found, I found out a lot about myself. I actually like school now, and that may not be the case for many of you, but school is actually fun to go to, for me at least. Coming from me, that's huge. I always hated elementary school and high school, and I certainly was never that person to say how much I honestly do love it like I am right now. Now that I'm in college, I get to design my own path and choose my own courses. I think that helps a lot with liking what I'm doing because it all suits me in a way.

I learned to manage my time more wisely moving to college, as crazy as that sounds. I also found that I am, indeed, a very hard worker. College pushes you, and I mean really pushes you. It's a never ending cycle, but it teaches you time management and motivation unless you're the complete opposite of me, then you do your own thing. But never the less, the push has really given me a lot of self-motivation that I never really knew I had.

I always thought that moving to college would mean endless free time and the ability to binge watch Netflix whenever I pleased. I was hit hard with the reality my first semester that it just really isn't the case. Sure, you have your free time here and there, but I've honestly never had enough free time to sit down on the couch with a bag of chips and watch Netflix for as long as I please.

Since I moved to the U, I was also hit with the hard reality of walking. Oh yes, I said it. Walking. Everywhere you go. Unless you're one of the cool kids who can whip around on your bike, like the majority of us, you're probably stuck walking. I think the first week I moved to college I walked over 30 miles, and I prayed that would be the last time I ever walked that much in one week, but honestly, I think I've walked more since then. At the U, especially living in Superblock, I've found that walking is a must and if you can't learn to walk fast, you're not going to make it to that early morning class on West Bank on time. So, to all of you incoming freshman, get ready to walk and be prepared.

Another thing that my first semester in college has taught me is that I really, really hate winter. It's almost like I've said it before. Oh, right, I have. Every single winter for the past 18 years of my life. But, as said before, you walk a lot on campus, and that walking doesn't come to a stop in the winter. I'm not really fond of the underground tunnels or the campus connector, so I stick to my endless complaints and take on the cold. Moving to the U has made me dislike winter to the most extreme level yet, but I guess I have to learn to bite the bullet to get my education.

So, maybe your freshman year was nothing like mine, or maybe you can relate to me on an extreme level, but my first semester of my freshman year has taught me a lot and showed me a lot about who I am. It sure wasn't the picture perfect first semester, but really nothing is picture perfect these days.