First Month of College
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10 Things I've Learned In My First Month Of College

It's definitely not like the movies kids.

10 Things I've Learned In My First Month Of College

So, I'm sure many high schoolers out there have wondered "Oh I wonder what it's like to be in college." I know I did all the time-especially my senior year of high school. I decided to make a little list on some things that I learned while being here for just one month! Please understand though, that every experience is unique to each person, but these are just some thoughts I've had while being up at Iowa State University.

1. Get yourself a good pair of tennis shoes 


You will do SO much walking. Even though I ride the bus to my classes in the morning I still walk to all my other classes throughout the day. I also want to mention that I have blisters on my feet because I wore bad shoes one day, so invest in good shoes guys!

2. Planners are your BFF 


A planner will be your lifesaver! Whether it's your Google calendar, a planner you write in, or a calendar on your wall; it can keep track of every single thing you have to do because trust me, you'll be super busy.

3. Walk until it's too cold to walk 


You're already cooped up in classrooms and a dorm room the majority of your day, so walk while you still can! Chances are, it'll brighten your mood too.

4. Sit in the FRONT 


This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me the closer you sit to the front, the more engaged you are within the lecture. Also, your professor sees that you are taking an interest in the class if you participate in "active listening." Basically move your head up and down to acknowledge that you are in fact listening to your professor.

5. Use your SI session puhleaseee!


I went to one of my SI sessions for the first time this week and I feel like I could take the test tomorrow. Okay probably not really, but I feel so much more comfortable with the content and I just keep wondering why I haven't gone sooner!

6. People don't "sugarcoat" anything 


People can be harsh sometimes, but at least they are telling you the truth. College is painfully brutal and you just got to roll with the punches sometimes.

7. You will fail 


I struggled hardcore with this and it's only my 4th week of college. Yikes. I always did super well in school and to accept the fact that I will fail a quiz (Which I've already done-double yikes) is difficult. However, you have to understand that this world is a whole new ball-game and it is insanely hard sometimes. Keep going though because we all have it in us to succeed, but we have to learn to accept our failures as they come.

8. You don't have ANY free time 


I thought I'd get home at 4 every night and be able to freely do my work and study and watch as much TV as I want. Ha, nope! If you do have loads of free time then you should try looking into doing outside activities. School isn't the end all, be all, and you should want to have fun and enjoy your time here! You truly only get so much, so join a club and make some great friends and memories!

9. Become besties with the people in your hall 


It's so much more fun to come home and know that I can walk into my neighbors room and sit down and no one would question me. They are my home away from home sometimes and I just love them so much!

10. Sometimes you may end up eating ice cream at one a.m. after a break down


Yep. This did happen to me. Nope. This is definitely not weird when you're a college student. If this happens to you too, just know that you are not alone and that you will get through that chemistry test. I promise!

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