When you are the first one of your girlfriends to get married it may be a little obvious. While you do not change as a person, your conversations do change a bit.

When you miss some texts, so you start off your replies with "Hey, sorry I was *cooking, sweeping, baking, moping, folding, washing clothes or packing a lunch.*"

I really can’t help it I’m sorry, I prefer my housewife stuff.

When they tell you stories about their dates with their boyfriend and all you get is how going to the grocery store went.

Grocery stores are fun, I mean, we are in and out super quick and we try to run each other over with the cart.

Your friends only text you while your husband is at work and go radio silent when he is not.

I mean it’s nice, until I kind of need something.

When you text them questions like "What is the best way to thaw meat quickly?" "What is the best way to get butter unfrozen?" "Washing a navy-blue shirt and a light blue shirt won’t mess anything up right?" and "Got any ideas for dinner? Ben can’t decide."

All normal, right? Oh, it’s just me. I mean the conversations we have about baking.

When you are all complaining and the only one you have is that your husband does not take his shoes off at the door.

It really is a big deal people, I clean constantly.

Comparing fun nights are drastically different. Mine is curling up in bed with my husband and eating popcorn.

I don’t need to go out to a fancy dinner or go on an extravagant date with 20 different spots. I just want to be with Ben.

Everyone talks about how they cannot wait to go out and party, but when you’re asked you always say, "No, housewifing is much better."

Marriage is way better.

Everyone is always is excited to see wedding pictures

My friends are just about as obsessed with them as I am

When your girls need relationship help they ask you because you ‘got something right.’

Not wrong, not wrong

You get asked housewifing questions, constantly.

Once again, I kind of have this under control.

Your friends always have your back, and also your husband’s back.

You really can’t beat that.

Your best friends become your husband's, and vice versa.

Talk about a doubling friend group! Some days it is kind of like "Friends"!