Congratulations! You just ran your first half marathon. This is a huge accomplishment, but it was also a lot of grit, sweat, and maybe even tears along the way!

1. Let's Goooo!!!

The race starts and you're off! This is what you trained to do! The other runners give you motivation. Maybe you can beat your training time? You've got your running playlist going and nothing but road ahead. Mile 1 down, let's GO!

2. This is so easy!

Mile 2. You're feeding off the energy of the other runners and running stronger and faster than you thought possible. You're not even feeling the burn yet. Mile two already? Bring it on!

3. I can TOTALLY keep this up for 10 more miles.

Mile 3? I basically just ran a 5k. That's amazing! Look at how powerful I am. And I ran it so quickly! Look at all these other runners around me. I'm one of them. Half marathon? No problem.

4. Wait, how long is a half marathon again?

Mile 4. It feels like I've been running for a long time. How long is this whole half marathon going to take? Ooh, wow, that's pretty long. But hey, I'm four miles down! That's almost a third of the way through! I can totally keep this up for that much longer. I'm strong. I've got this.

5. Wow, my legs are starting to hurt.

Mile 5. Man, I'm starting to feel the burn now. I definitely should have stretched more before the race began. What if my legs keep hurting? I still have 7 more miles to go! Wow, 7 sounds really long with my legs hurting like they are. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Ooh well, gotta keep going.

6. I'm almost halfway done!

Mile 6. Pshhh, legs hurting? Who cares. I'm a runner. Nothing is going to stop me! I just basically ran half a half marathon. That's awesome! I bet I could keep going to just make it a full marathon. Maybe I should speed up, break some records. Let's goooo!

7. I'm a boss! Not even worried.

Mile 7. Passed that 10k marker. This whole half marathon thing is easy. Why haven't I done one before?

8. What was I thinking?

Mile 8. Ooh gosh. How do I still have 5 miles to go? FIVE MILES. That's father than it takes to drive to the grocery store. And it takes me at least 10 minutes to drive to the grocery store. How much time is it going to take me to RUN 5 miles? Too long!

9. I'm going to die.

Mile 9. This was a mistake. I'm done. I'm so done. 4 more miles!?

10. My whole existence is pain.

Mile 10. My legs hurt so badly!! Why did I sign up for this? Why did I PAY to put my body through this torture? But why do I want to keep pushing myself?

11. .......

Mile 11?

12. Oh my gosh, it's almost over!

Mile 12. How did that happen? Where was mile 11? I only have a little over a mile left? That's incredible! I can totally do this.

13. How fast can I run?

Mile 13! Speed, speed! I'm a runner! Going to finish strong! I can SEE the finish line! Let's make up some time.

13.1. I'm a total ATHLETE. I EARNED this.

I just ran 13.1 miles! I EARNED this medal. I'm going to proudly wear it because that was one of the hardest things I've ever done! I'm so strong and I'm motivated that I can do anything!

Running a half marathon is really difficult! It takes strength and determination! But you did it! Congratulations!