1. Half-Dressed, HELL YES

If you have never seen festival attire, take a second and google search it. The first time I ever did, my mouth dropped. I scrolled through pictures and pictures of girls half-dressed or wearing tape that barely covered certain parts of their bodies. My whole life I had always leaned towards the more conservative side of my clothing, and now that I was heading to a festival myself I knew that I was expected to wear something more, exposing. I was nervous and frightened to show an entire festival of people everything I was so self-conscious about.

But when I do something, I go all out. I bought myself some lingerie, some glitter, and all the accessories. As soon as I walked into the festival, I was surrounded by endless encouragement. Girls coming up to me and telling me they liked my butt, guys screaming at me calling me beautiful, and everyone calling me Ms. America due to my red, white and blue ensemble. I realized every body shape and every size around me was walking around half-dressed and confident, so why not I? Besides, festival crowds get unbelievably hot. The less clothing the better.

2. Booty, Blessings, and Bass

When people joke about worshiping the rave booty, they are not joking. Rave booty is taken very seriously, as there are even Instagram accounts fully dedicated to the topic. Everywhere you look you will see people bowing down, taking photos, or even just standing and admiring a girl's lower body. Personally, I was not fully prepared for this, but it really is wonderful to see people loving on bodies of so many shapes and sizes. Big or small, there's a little bit of booty love for everyone.

3. Love is Love is Love is Love

I have never met a more loving, kind, and encouraging group of people. When I say this, I say this from the bottom of my heart. If you get lost, there will be at least 5 groups accepting you in as one of their own. Crying? There will always be someone handing out free hugs. Need water, food, or just support, someone will be there. Of course in every festival setting you have to be careful or weary of certain people or certain surroundings, but the vast majority will always give you the love and encouragement you need. It's the one place you can disappear and become whoever you want to be, and no one will judge you.


You know when you're sitting in your car and the bass drops? Take that feeling and multiply it by 1,000. As your standing in front of a festival stage, your whole body will begin to shake as the bass throbs through your body. As I tried to fall asleep at night, I remember I could barely close my eyes, as every time I did lights would flash behind them and my body would continue to move. Be prepared for the shakiness, and an out of body experience unlike anything else. You will never forget it.

5. Pointless Preparation

Absolutely nothing will prepare you for your first festival. You can watch as many YouTube videos, listen to as many soundtracks, or even read as many blogs as you want. Nothing compares to being in the festival. The vibes, the emotions, the outfits, the food, the people. It truly is like living in a fantasy, and you will never want to leave. If you ever question whether or not you should attend, the answer is you should. You will never have an experience quite like it anywhere else.