The first day of school marks the end of the summer for students and parents. Some students welcome it, it's exciting to get through a year successfully and even more exciting when you know you're one step closer to the career of your choice.

For other students, it is agonizing to think you can't stay up late, have to wake up early — and even have to be productive. And for parents, young and experienced (old), it can be positive or negative.

It either means their baby is growing up or they don't have to deal with their kids anymore as they did in the summer. Which sounds bad but we all know we drive our parents crazy.

I was expecting my first day of high school to be so exciting and a new start. Well, you don't always get what you want. Not only did I show up an hour early because no one told me zero-hour didn't start until a couple weeks in, but I also had no idea where I was or where I needed to be.

I know I'm not the only one to have a similar story, every year of high school there was always something, classes that jumped straight into homework, teachers I knew I wouldn't click with, and even having classes with people I couldn't stand could ruin the day.

College hasn't been any better. My first day Freshman year, I was terrified, as any freshman is. I didn't know where I was going, I didn't know anyone because no one from my high school came to Western, and I just remember crying once I made it back to my dorm. This year, my first class was great. I got too cocky and thought "I totally know what I'm doing." My shuttle at Lark, the apartment complex is impossible.

So many people couldn't get on and were late for classes, and at one point I even had to wait an extra half hour to catch the shuttle home. And there's always at least one professor who wants to start the quarter the first day. The buses themselves also are full by the time they hit the stops closest to the University and no one wants to wait that long to take a bus to get to school.

Now, just because some of the first days were hard, they can also be so amazing. Nothing is better than not only making it to your classes on time but also getting a view of your course load and being able to feel out if you'll like the professor. The new classes also mean new opportunities, and hopefully new friends.

The first quarter is always the best, you have more motivation to do your work in the fall quarter, than in the winter, or spring so the fall quarter grades usually look best.