Why Your First Date Should ALWAYS Be At Costco

Why Your First Date Should ALWAYS Be At Costco

Do it for the $1.50 hot dog.


I’m here today to elaborate on the obvious – why Costco is the ideal first date location. @AlxndrTheDecent’s (aka Alex McMullen) Twitter thread received 24.8K retweets and 52.5K likes brought attention to this reality and show how America is in agreement. Not only does Costco provide free samples, but the ambiance and food are simple yet perfect.

Alex first emphasizes how the overall idea of a date at Costco acts as a test. Why? Because “if they are not down to eat at a Costco food court with you they are not worth your time.” And if that isn’t the most real thing you’ve read just stop reading now because you’re obviously more of the Walmart or Sam’s Club type.

Second, want to impress your date? Well, if you aren’t a member, show your date how bad you really are and sneak in through the exit. If that doesn’t do it for them, don’t fret because the Costco food court is about to save your ass.

Alright, this is where it all goes down. Let’s just take a moment to admire how nothing on the Costco menu is over $5.00 (except for a whole pizza but even that's only $10.00!!). There are a variety of options, but the menu is not too overwhelming. I agree with Alex, and suggest you get the hot dog, because first of all, for some reason Costco hot dogs are some of the best I’ve ever had (just check out its fan page: costcohotdog.com) and second of all, you get a hot dog AND drink for the whopping price of $1.50. With that being said Alex recommends whoever initiated the date should pay. (seriously you’ll probably spend less than $10.00)

Oh, so your date’s a vegetarian? Get ‘em a slice of pizza or a salad. Your date’s a vegan? Get ‘em a cup of water. So by now, your date might be falling in love with you. Keep the good vibes flowing and go get a non-fat frozen yogurt, strawberry sundae, or $1.00 churro to share with them. Sit on those “legendary white plastic picnic tables” under those red and white umbrellas as you finish up your meal.

Like Alex mentions, the longer you sit and talk about your date, the more they’ll notice all the families shopping, and then MAYBE just maybe they’ll want the same with you. Time will fly by and when your date finally comes to an end you’ll know if you’ve met your soulmate.

Well maybe not, but it’s a possibility. Don’t believe me? Go on a Costco date then get back to me.

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