Today was the first day of fall classes, and over all it was a super chill, successful first day. Everything was a breeze (I mean, the first day is syllabus day after all, so how difficult could it be?), and I had a lot of thoughts run through my head on how to make it a really good first day, and how to avoid the things that would make it not-so-great. And I came to realize,

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"The Office" can perfectly describe the thoughts I, and probably many other students, had on the first day.

*Alarm goes off* Is it worth skipping the first day of classes?

I mean, it is syllabus day after all, so that doesn't really count as class. I may as well keep sleeping...

Please let there be parking...oh, what do you know, there's not.

There's nothing like circling the parking lot for twenty minutes, hoping someone leaves at the perfect time you can pull in, that is until you give up all hope and stalk a student to their car so you can take that space.

Oh hey friend!!

Seeing a friend on the first day, especially when you go to a large school, is a blessing.

Oh no...not you, please don't make eye contact with me.

But then again, sometimes you see that person you really do not want to see and you may take a sudden turn or quickly pull out your phone and look down to avoid them.

Why are there so many people??

Walking around campus, especially at a big school, can get crazy, especially between classes or trying to find a decent spot at the library. Even the food lines are crazy long. I just want to get through my day without people stepping on my toes, k?

Dang, that person is super attractive. I hope we have a class together.

We all have those crushes on people at college that we see around campus, but never have a class together and will probably never speak to one another, so it's a lost cause, but on the first day, we get to scope out any cuties there could, maybe, probably not be a chance for.

I'm so ready for this class, bring it on.

I always feel super confident the first day for classes that I know a little of what it's about or if it sounded interesting. I have everything I need, I'm smart, let's do this.

I already know this class is going to suck.

Oh god, why did I sign up for this. Why is this required. I am going to die. Maybe I should just drop out.

That's it, I'm dropping out.

When you're at your first day of classes, and question once more why you're even in college.

Finally, a class that's probably going to be super chill.

Whether the professor is super lax, the material seems easy, the class seems fun, or the classmates seem tolerable, hopefully we all have at least one class we're looking forward to after the first day.

Attendance isn't mandatory? You're the real MVP, prof.

This is a rarity that occurs in college, but if the teacher says attendance isn't mandatory on the first day (or that he/she doesn't really count off for not coming to class), you can bet you won't see me for even half the semester.

Wait, am I even in the right place/class?

I always have a nightmare that I'll show up at the wrong class or wrong time or even the wrong day (so far this hasn't happened), so I usually triple check the room number and may even ask a classmate. Being late or in the wrong class the first day? NOT okay.

Are you kidding me? The professor is already assigning things for class??

It's the first day, and you expect it to be a chill syllabus day, but NO, the professor has already decided to jump into material...

My bank account is about to weep after I buy these textbooks and materials.

Why on earth are books so expensive? And other class materials? I'm already struggling financially being a college student, so why hurt me and my bank account further?

Finally, the first day is over.

I have survived, and now I just have to survive the rest of the semester...