The First 2 Years of College Told by Parks And Recreation

The first two years of college can be pretty grueling. It seems like you're taking high school classes over again. It's fun, though; getting all the easy classes out of the way before you start the classes towards your major is the best part in my opinion. As my sophomore year comes to and end, I thought I'd show my experience of doing your general education at a college explained by my favorite show, Parks and Rec.

1. Taking the placement tests to figure out which math and english class you'd have to take.

2. Picking your classes for the first semester.

3. Accidentally picking a class that starts way too early in the morning.

4. Trying to wake up to those early classes and coming to school dead tired.

5. Finding out you took the wrong class that doesn't count towards a UC or CSU.

6. Taking your first math class.

7. Taking your first and last english class.

8. Spring Break!

9. But in reality, you spend your Spring Break working on projects.

10. Procrastinating on your projects until the day before they're due.

11. When you realize you don't have time to go out and take a break from all your work.

12. Pulling all-nighters to write papers you got assigned the day before they were due.

13. Picking your classes for your last semester at said college.

14. Graduating with an AA.

Going to college was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm so proud of myself for pulling through all of the hardships that came along with it. I cannot wait to graduate with an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences in June and start the next chapter in my life at a university! To all of you graduating this year, congratulations! I'm proud of you! Let the new adventure that lays ahead of you be wonderful, exciting, and be sure to take opportunities; you never know where they'll lead you next.

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