Sometimes the days in our lives are radiant.

My heart, in a state without worries, floats through the river of time.

I stop to smell a flower that is very elegant;

I return to my house and dance the flamenco.

My limbs are lights while I dance; my eyes shine like the moon.

Although present in the past, now I have an abundance of joy.

I think that all is well, but after tomorrow, my luck runs out;

you leave my life and I suffer.

Sometimes life, while it had happiness in the past, is dejected.

My heart built a wall of protection; I do not want to experience the pain again.

My memories about you are like a plague without an antidote.

The responsibilities I need to complete today feel like drags.

My friends are always close to me,

but in my head now, they are very far.

If things seem desperate,

why is there a fire of hope in my body?

I do not know how the fire survived after all the rain.

After your departure, the fire was small and did not have an opportunity to recover.

The storm in my head lasted for many days.

It did not stop to take a breath; it did not stop once at all.

But the fire is still there and does not show a sign of defeat.

The embers are red and the smoke is tall.

The fire does not burn my body; it guards the warmth around my heart.

In the night, it is a light and it sends a message of hope:

I am going to be happy without you.

I find myself dancing again to music that does not play.

Though I do not wish to swim, the river continues to flow through.

Someday... it is going to be OK.