Finding Yourself Through Fashion

Earlier this year, while trying to find an outfit for some event or another, my roommate pointed out that I had no personal style. I do not remember her exact words, but it was something along the lines of "you wear all different kinds of clothing. Like you don't have your own definite style." As I spun around to defend my closet, I noticed how it changed abruptly from a pair of leather pants to a brightly printed sundress to a pair of ripped jeans to a red, white and blue sweatshirt.

I was devastated, how could someone who loved fashion and shopping and being on trend be as personally un-styled as I was. I resolved to fix this problem by going through my wardrobe, and donating anything that did not adhere to a certain style. Except for when I tried to do this, I could not stick with a certain look. Did I want to look boho-chic in flow tops and short shorts and faux fur vests? Did I want to look edgy in my Timberlands and camouflage tee shirt? But how about classy with over the knee boots and a nice jacket? Or preppy with a nice skirt and some sweet colors? It was literally impossible for me to decide how I wanted to present myself.

This initially stressed me out even more as I felt I was facing an identity crisis. However, I realized that maybe this was not something to be worried about. Perhaps the fact that I could not settle on one style of clothing did not mean that I did not know who I was but rather, that I knew that I could not be contained to one look.

Maybe I liked fashion and knew myself well enough to realize that I did not want to turn down a good sweater or a nice pair of shoes or an opportunity to present myself in a new way by only dressing in one fashion realm. I realized that not having it all figured out and organized was maybe not a sign of a lack of guidance but rather of growth.

I am only 19 years old and I have an entire world of inspiration to look at. Limiting myself to one style would be a disservice to my passion and my personal growth.

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