Why did I give you control?

You who warned me of your ways, and still like the first brown leaf at the start of autumn I fell.

You never once told me that you liked my smile or said I was beautiful,

Yet every time I looked in your eyes I believed for a moment that I was.

You pushed me away more times than you drew me in and yet I still was yearning for your affection.

You told me you were a "simple man", yet there was nothing simple about you.

How could I be so naive and let you have your way with me?

My screams give me nightmares.

I thought I rid myself from your unworthy clutch, and like a limp flower, I turned toward what I thought was your sunshine.

Turns out you're nothing more than a flickering fluorescent lightbulb that needs to be discarded for some actual sunlight.

You knew what you were doing and gave a second thought about it.

Your manipulation will no longer work to make me turn a blind eye.

I tell myself I am beautiful and truly believe that I am.

I found the sunlight from within myself that you could never give me.

You no longer have control over me.

I hope the next girl after me realizes sooner than I did how nice the sun feels compared to your fake light.