Before I left for college, I knew that I was not going to be one of those people to find their soul mate in some majestic storybook way. I had the mindset of maybe a couple of boys here and there, but nothing too serious. Nothing to write home about.

Now let’s go back to the term "soulmate." What even the heck is that? I thought it was some made up crap that was used by people infatuated with their partner of the time. And then all of a sudden, the person finds you that gives you the definition.

I did not find mine in some cute way. He somehow made his way into my life and before I knew it, he was my best friend. The person that I ended up talking to about everything and anything. He would take care of me when I was sick and help me with whatever I asked of him.

We were complete dorks together and would stay up all night watching "Friends" or playing Mario Kart — definitely not the person I saw myself falling for. But that’s the beauty of finding your soul mate, they are the mate your soul wants to be with.

When I finally realized that he was more than just my friend, I finally understood the term. He was my soul mate. He was the person that complemented me, not completed me. He brought the best out in me that I forgot even existed. He believes in my dreams more than I do. He saved me from completely losing my love for life and everything in it.

Now I’m not saying that he is my reason for living or any other typical girl saying; I can be happy on my own, I did it for a long time. I’m saying that he is the person that awakened my humor, positivity in myself and actions, reassured me of my decisions, and my overall love for things again.

Not everyone will understand, and you won’t until you find the person that makes you feel things you never knew existed. And when it happens, you’ll know exactly what I mean.