Finding Balance In Your First Year Of College

Finding Balance In Your First Year Of College

It is possible to manage those countless exams and meetings.

Bob Elsdale

Beginning college is a new experience for everyone—new friends, new classes, a new home and so much more. I remember planning everything that I wanted to do when I first moved in: make friends, study hard and join multiple clubs. However, I never would have thought that the scared freshman girl sitting in the auditorium during orientation weekend would end up accomplishing as much as she did. I am that girl.

Quickly after beginning my first semester, I joined several different clubs. I loved the idea of being involved. Plus, I had already done this in high school, so it should be easy, right? Well, I quickly learned that classes were picking up and I was running out of time. I became overwhelmed by the number of meetings and practices I had to attend while wanting to maintain a certain GPA. About halfway through my first semester, I sat down with myself and decided that I needed a new game plan. If I wanted to stay as involved as I was, I needed to create a schedule each day so I could go to all of my classes, have a lot of time to study, work out, see my friends, and most importantly, sleep. At first, adjusting to my routine was hard, and I often got distracted. But soon enough, I got into the swing of things. By the time second semester rolled around, I was ready to tackle everything that was to come. Despite classes becoming more difficult and activities became more time consuming, I found a way to make my hectic schedule seem much less hectic. And I owe this to the word balance.

Balance is key in life, especially in college. Each night, I write a list of the goals I want to accomplish the next day. Of course, I always want to take the nap that is calling my name, but with balance, I have found a system that allows me to push through each day and get some sleep at night, which is hard to believe as a college student. Between my workouts several times a week, studying, attending meetings, and finding time to socialize, I have found my balance.

Though I am exhausted each night as I crawl into my bed, I am satisfied. I was able to accomplish many things in one day. So to all of the freshmen out there who are worried about joining things or not having enough time to study: it is possible. With time-management skills and the beauty of balance, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible. When days become overwhelming, take a step back, re-evaluate, take a deep breath, and find your sense of balance.

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