Yes, I said it. In 2018 as a college student, it is so easy to get wrapped up in relationships and wanting to be in one or at least to be at a friendship level with someone of the opposite sex. When you constantly have it on your mind, it's also hard to resist the quick snap chat add and conversation you would try to have with said snap chat boy. But what I have learned is that it doesn't always pan out as you want it to past all the snapshots.

I think that at the end of the day, it may be better to wait for someone like Joe Alwyn who is going to understand and get to know who you are as a person. Joe Jonas may be cute and all, but does he really understand all your quirks outside of who you are on social media and other places? The answer is probably not, and that's ok.

I also think that its okay to unfollow this Joe Jonas type person that was previously in your circle, even if your close friends still include him in their lives. It doesn't mean you have to ignore him when you see him next when it happens, it just means that you can be ok with crossing paths and not feel like you need to walk away.

But it does mean that someday, just someday that you'll find your Joe Alwyn when you least expect it. Maybe you just need to focus on your journey before he steps in. Focus on taking care of yourself, maybe that means spending some time taking a bubble bath and watching The Carrie Diaries. This is just a time for growth, and its okay to feel emotions, it's all apart of the process girl. Just don't fixate on finding your person, enjoy life and he will walk or run on in when he's supposed to (hopefully walk not run haha).