It's okay for your future plans to be having a family. Sometimes we all get so caught up in this idea of going to college, getting a big job, and find career successes and riches. All those things can be important, but if they aren't for you that's okay. There are those who dream of being a mom or a dad, so why don't more people talk about that being their idea of success?

As the middle child of three children, I watched my parents experience the ups and downs of raising a family. There are good times and bad but they never gave up on their goal of raising good kids and a strong, loving family. Seeing how great my brothers are and how responsible, hard working, and loving we've become– that's what I define as success. Being such a loving tight knit family is a success, and my parents have achieved all of that.

Not everyone finds successes within their job and career. Businesses fail, people get laid off, and ventures stop. But I truly believe that success can be found outside of the office. Success can be found within a family if that is the path you choose. Raising kids who are good people and contribute positivity to society should be looked at with more respect than someone who earns a fat paycheck. Parents should receive more credit because, who knows, they could be the ones raising the future leaders of our nation.

There are no two people I respect more than my parents. Through all that life has thrown at them, they've never given up on raising good kids and creating a loving family environment. That's the kind of success I hope to have one day. All of their hard work and endless love has made it important for me to have a family someday and to raise that family right. And I know no matter what happens within my professional career, I can always find affirmation within my personal success.

For all the parents who are down on themselves for never seeing career success, don't be. Instead, look at your family and see how your hard work has paid off. When your kids succeed, that's more affirmation that you're doing things right.