08 March 2018 // At Florida State University

15 Things That Would Be Easier To Find Than A Parking Spot At FSU

Let the search begin.

Hannah Simpkins

As much as we love our dear university, everyone has had a frustrating experience while trying to park here. Whether it be combing through all of the garages for hours, getting your 58th ticket of the semester, or parking at a nearby restaurant while praying you don't get towed during your exam, we all face the challenges that accompany our less than superior parking services. Below, I have compiled a list of 15 things that would be easier to find than a parking spot here at Florida State University.

1. A contact that someone dropped on the floor of Standard.

Fun fact: this happens quite more frequently than you would believe. My personal advice would be to NOT insert that back in your eye after where it has been...

2. A needle in a haystack.

3. A college student who didn't voice their an opinion on EVERYTHING.

4. A sorority woman who didn't post pictures of every single brunch that she's attended.

5. An FSU/Miami football ticket.

6. Someone with moderate political beliefs.

7. A Juul on the ground at The Strip.

8. A frat guy who isn't a business major.

9. A study room in Stroz the week before finals.

10. A person who could refuse to pet a puppy on Landis.

11. Bigfoot.

12. A 4.0 GPA.

13. The remains of Amelia Earhart's plane.

14. Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar before 2016.

It was about time.

15. Waldo in those hella frustrating "Where's Waldo" pictures from back in the day.

I hated that guy.

Now I am not telling you to run off in pursuit of Bigfoot or crawl on the ground in Ken's to search for your precious Juul, but odds are you would locate both of these more quickly than a parking spot on campus.