8 Things That Are Beyond Irritating

8 Things That Are Beyond Irritating

I'm allowed to complain about this because well, you agree.

I wake up and drive to school. But the radio, drivers, and street lights somehow work together to ruin my morning. On every radio station is someone talking, either telling a joke or talking about the weather. Every street light turns red. Every other driver probably forgot to drink coffee because they all drive like they’re half asleep. Now that’s irritating.

I try to avoid complaining about things I find annoying. Because, really, no one cares about anyone else’s problems. Yet, there are a few things in life that people collectively find irritating.

1. When people comment on your food.

Yes, I brought a Tupperware bowl of scrambled eggs and rice. Sorry, the sight of my lunch has distracted you from your work. Please let me eat in peace.

2. When the indoor and outdoor temperatures are polar opposites.

I wore two shirts, a sweater, and my puffy coat because it’s freezing outside. Now I’m sweating beneath my long socks, jeans, and boots because this building insists on blasting the heat. And during the summer? The heat outside makes me sweat regardless of how much skin I reveal. Yet when inside, I’m worried I’ll get frostbite. You’ll see me shivering and wishing I had my puffy coat.

3. When people say they don’t drink coffee.

I really don’t understand this one.

4. When people ask you a question and don’t trust your answer.

Is it because I’m blonde? If you ask me a question, doubt my answer, and continue asking the same question, then we have an issue.

5. When drivers stay in the left lane.

If you aren’t passing another vehicle, then get out. If you are driving slow, then get out. What slows down traffic more than a cop? Some driver in the left lane, because they’re too prideful to move out of the way.

6. Stupid lights.

I don’t see why the light has to stay red for five minutes if no cars are coming through it.

7. Requirements for creating a password.

I know how to create good passwords that could even deter Snowden. Yet, every website needs a long combination of special characters, numbers, and capital and lowercase letters. But be careful! Some websites don’t allow your password to have dictionary words. So, after you create your complicated password based on all the qualifications, you must re-type it for confirmation. Am I the only one that immediately forgets it?

8. “Good afternoon!” “Hey how's it going?” “Good! And you?” They’re already gone.

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44. “I’ma keep running because a winner don’t quit on themselves.” - Beyonce, "Freedom"

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6 Things You Need To Make Sure You Do On And Off Campus Every Semester

Sometimes it's all we can do to just keep our heads above water, but if you try, you can feel very included in your college community.


School is important, and higher education is increasingly becoming a necessity. Focusing on school alone, however, can start to get very lonely and stressful. Thankfully, there are a lot of different things that are constantly happening on and around college campuses. It can be overwhelming trying to balance a social, financial, and educational life, but if you try to do each of these following things at least once a semester, you can start to feel very included in your personal college experience.

1. Attend a Sporting Event


Whether its something as popular as football, basketball, or baseball, or it's something fun to watch like soccer, hockey, or roller derby, or it's some random small sport that your school offers, attending a sporting event is usually free for any student. Going to watch a sport at least once a semester can make you feel included in the community of fans at your school, and give you an excuse to get hyped up and cheer for a couple hours, releasing built up stress. It's a great way to unwind after stressful times and to get involved in the college culture.

2. Attend a Theatre or Dance Production


Support your university's arts programs! Whether it's a play or musical, or it's a dance concert or ballet, you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself when you go see a show that's put on by your fellow students.

If you're a social butterfly, chances are when you do go, whether to a large production that's ticketed or a small one that's free to attend, you're likely to find someone you know either in the audience or on the stage, so not only will you be supporting students in the arts, you very well may also be supporting your friends' hard work. While these performances are much less often free, it's not often that they'll break the bank, and they are always worth it.

3. Attend a Concert


Again, support your school's art program! Whether you go to see an orchestra, a concert band, or a choir, enjoying the musical arts is a wonderful and emotional experience. It's a chance to relax and lose yourself in the music, and to discover some new stuff you may want to add to a studying playlist or maybe even an upbeat or hype playlist depending on the pieces performed.

Your fellow students work hard both in groups and individually to put on wonderful concerts and oftentimes they're overlooked and have significantly fewer people in attendance than they deserve. It's a great way to show your support and get a nice couple of hours of entertainment out of it.

The best part, most concerts at most universities are free and open to the public, so you can even bring your families along if you choose to and you can all enjoy an evening of good music together.

4. See a Featured Speaker


Campuses across the country tend to have some sort of statement to uphold, whether it's a clear-cut purpose of higher learning, or it's a more complex motto of producing students who are self-aware in different areas. To help uphold this statement, they tend to have people come into one of their large performance halls and give a speech.

Whether this is a keynote speech for a conference or just a one-time guest for an evening, it's an enriching experience. Your school or an organization within your school has paid to bring someone on campus, they expect people to show up and hear what they have to say.

Even if you don't know who the person is, you may find yourself being a big fan of what they do or what they have to say, and you will always come away from their speech motivated and having learned something. Seeing good speakers give good speeches is always something that pays off well.

5. Attend an Event On Campus


Events on campus come in many many forms, and vary from campus to campus. Some are long-standing traditions, some are happening for the first time ever, some have been around just a few years. These events may be big things like balls or carnivals or they may be as small as some free snacks and things being given out.

Regardless of what the events are, it's always a fun and engaging time to get out of the house/dorm/apartment and go enjoy what the people around you have been planning for you to enjoy. It's also a great way to really start to get to know people in your college community, a lot of them will be at these events, especially the social ones.

6. Attend an Off-Campus Event in Your Community


Finally, it can get a little cramped sometimes if you spend all your time on campus, even if you are being social while there. Luckily, college towns are always active communities who host all sorts of events. Whether it's an art gallery in some museum, a small business shopping day with sales all over, a concert in your town's square, or just a typical Saturday when people are out and about, you can find something in your community to do that will help you feel refreshed.

Save up a bit of money and check out some local stores or restaurants, look at flyers around town, get yourself in the know, and then attend events to see what your community has going on. Not only will you meet new people and have new experiences, but it's also a great way to network for your future, especially if you intend on staying in your college town after graduating.

The best way to unwind and to make your college experience as fulfilling as possible is simply to get involved and see what's going on around you. Whenever you feel like you're too cooped up or you need to spice up your life, try and do one of these six things to make your day or week better. College is stressful, but there are many ways to unwind and de-stress all around you when you are in college.

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