Robin Scherbatsky. She knows a lot about a lot of different things: Dogs, Scotch, Canada. But another thing she knows is the struggle that is finals week.

1. When all semester you didn't care much about your grade and now realize you need a 117% to get an A

2. When you go to your professor's office hours for the first time asking for extra credit

3. When you sit down with the study guide and realize how little you actually know

4. And your brain is saying "study" but your heart and stomach are saying:

5. When it's finally exam day and you make your way to campus in what you slept in

6. When you sit down and actually take a look at your exam

7. When you re-read the essay question 45 times and still only have written 7 words and 2 are your name

8. So you just start writing in circles, throwing down any words from class you remember

9. When you finally leave the exam and someone says "I think I did really well!"

10. But then you realize that, no matter what, school is over and you get to go home for break