It's that time of year again. All of the long hours spent intensely paying attention in class and hanging onto your finance professor's every word (LOL) are now over. Finals week is your time to shine. Now, if you're anything like me, you're scrambling. Regretting every time you read an Odyssey article instead of taking notes in microbiology. Really wondering why you felt that you HAD to go out drinking Wednesday though Sunday. You spend the week before finals attempting to get your sh*t together, but seven days of mild effort can't actually make up for three months of distractions. No promises can be made for good behavior during the next caffeine-filled, sleep-deprived, stressful seven days. Don't worry, you're not alone.

Deciding to really buckle down and do well on exams this semester:

But realizing finals start in two days:

Then hearing "this exam will be cumulative:"

So you study with classmates, but can't pull it together:

And they feel bad, so they try to teach you the material:

You're in the library so much that your friends complain about not seeing you:

But they don't understand how screwed you are:

Because they've already aced their only exam and told you all about it:

It's the night before exams, and you realize there's nothing else you can do:

But you decide to show up to office hours and give it a shot:

And your professor hits you with the "why haven't you paid attention in class?"

You walk out of your first exam like:

And your last one like:

So you decide to celebrate your survival of hell week:

And vow to try harder next semester.