As you can see, finals week is on the brain. There's a whole lot of ways to study for finals, but I'm listing my most effective few for all the struggling college students out there who are pining for this week to be over.

1. Write a review. Writing the review (or typing) will reinforce it, and gives you something to study later on when it's all finished.
2. Try to start early. The earlier, the better, since it might stick quicker.
3. If you don't understand something, turn to a classmate. Worst case scenario? Turn to YouTube.
4. Crack open the book. You know the professor is going to pull information out of it for a question.
5. Practice it if you can. The more practice, the better you'll do.
6. Take breaks.
7. Take a nap/actually sleep (yeah, I know).
8. Study in a group.
9. Create a schedule to relieve stress.
10. Quiz yourself.
11. Use your notes, assuming you haven't lost them.
12. Talk to someone else who's taken the class. Maybe they have a few pointers.
13. Reward yourself for actually doing it.
14. Don't study distracted. Put your phone away.
15. Teach someone else the material.
16. Randomly review the information so you know if you truly memorized it.
17. Flashcards.
18. Eat food. Regularly. (Yes, I know, that's quite a request)
19. Stick to your plan.
20. Just get through this living hell.