The 11 Stages Of Finals Week

Happy finals week party people! It is that time of the year again where we are forced to become responsible and try to learn something. I'm so sorry you have to deal with the dreaded finals week. I Just want you to know you are not alone and you definitely are not the only one who is procrastinating by reading Odyssey articles.

But since you are, here is a reminder of what the next week will look like for you:

1. After multiple days of procrastination

2. When you finally open the book for the first time.

3. *Three hours later* All you've done is sent memes back and forth to your friends

4. After 10 minutes of actual studying

5. Calculating the lowest grade you can receive on the final to still pass the class.

(you probably worked harder on doing this than actual studying).

6. Once you've actually studied for hours you forget what the outside world looks like

7. When you sit down to take a test and look homeless because you haven't slept in days

8. But then you read the first question....

9. Half way through the test and your brain is in la la land and you have no idea what is going on

10. Walking out the test like..

11. And then once you realize it's actually over

Now at this point finals are over and you have probably told yourself that next time you will do better.

You tell yourself you won't procrastinate.

You say you'll study harder.

You convince yourself that it'll be easier next time because you'll start studying way earlier next time.

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