Finals Week According To Taylor Swift's Album 'Reputation'

Finals Week According To Taylor Swift's Album 'Reputation'

Are you ready for it?

With finals week getting closer, times are getting tough. Every teacher continues to pile papers and projects on top of you, apparently forgetting that they also made a final exam for the course. Sleep seems to be a long lost friend. High quality food has been swapped for microwavable meals and Ramen noodles. It seems as if thees days are moving in slow motion; you study for five minutes but it seems like an eternity.

To help ease the pain and stress, here is finals week according to song titles off of Taylor Swift's album, reputation.

1. ...Ready For It?

You've spent weeks preparing for your final presentation and no matter how it turns out, you've already accept all possible outcomes.

2. I Did Something Bad

You fell asleep during class because you spent all night finishing the term paper for that class and the teacher asks what you're doing.

3. Delicate

When you've gotten no sleep for four days and see that your friends back home are already on Christmas break but you still have three exams left.

4. Look What You Made Me Do

How you feel towards your teachers because you haven't gotten sleep in four days and the lack of sleep has finally gotten to you.

5. Get Away Car

When you've finished your final exam and try to sprint towards your already packed car but your teacher or classmates try to talk to you about your opinion on the exam.

6. Call It What You Want

Arriving at home after spending hours in traffic and not caring about how the semester ended. Pass. Fail. All you care about is that you are done for a few weeks.

7. Gorgeous

When you see your pet for the first time in 3+ weeks and you remember how much you love them and how they're the most pure being on the planet.

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To The Girl Who Had A Plan

A letter to the girl whose life is not going according to her plan.
“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” - William Ernest Henley

Since we were little girls we have been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We responded with astronauts, teachers, presidents, nurses, etc. Then we start growing up, and our plans change.

In middle school, our plans were molded based on our friends and whatever was cool at the time. Eventually, we went to high school and this question became serious, along with some others: “What are your plans for college?” “What are you going to major in?” “When do you think you’ll get married?” “Are you going to stay friends with your friends?” We are bombarded with these questions we are supposed to have answers to, so we start making plans.

Plans, like going to college with our best friends and getting a degree we’ve been dreaming about. Plans, to get married as soon as we can. We make plans for how to lose weight and get healthy. We make plans for our weddings and children.

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We fill our Pinterest boards with these dreams and hopes that we have, which are really great things to do, but what happens when you don’t get into that college? What happens when your best friend chooses to go somewhere else? Or, what if you don’t get the scholarship you need or the awards you thought you deserved. Maybe, the guy you thought you would marry breaks your heart. You might gain a few pounds instead of losing them. Your parents get divorced. Someone you love gets cancer. You don’t get the grades you need. You don’t make that collegiate sports team. The sorority you’re a legacy to, drops you. You didn’t get the job or internship you applied for. What happens to you when this plan doesn’t go your way?

I’ve been there.

The answer for that is “I have this hope that is an anchor for my soul.” Soon we all realize we are not the captain of our fate. We don’t have everything under control nor will we ever have control of every situation in our lives. But, there is someone who is working all things together for the good of those who love him, who has a plan and a purpose for the lives of his children. His name is Jesus. When life takes a turn you aren’t expecting, those are the times you have to cling to Him the tightest, trusting that His plan is what is best. That is easier said than done, but keep pursuing Him. I have found in my life that His plans were always better than mine, and slowly He’s revealing that to me.

The end of your plan isn’t the end of your life. There is more out there. You may not be the captain of your fate, but you can be the master of your soul. You can choose to be happy despite your circumstances. You can change directions at any point and go a different way. You can take the bad and make something beautiful out of it, if you allow God to work in your heart.

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So, make the best of that school you did get in to. Own it. Make new friends- you may find they are better than the old ones. Apply for more scholarships, or get a job. Move on from the guy that broke your heart; he does not deserve you. God has a guy lined up for you who will love you completely. Spend all the time you can with the loved one with cancer. Pray, pray hard for healing. Study more. Apply for more jobs, or try to spend your summer serving others instead. Join a different club or get involved in other organizations on campus. Find your delight first in God and then pursue other activities that make you happy; He will give you the desires of your heart.

My friend, it is going to be OK.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Beavers Photography

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To The Pressures Of Life, I'm Not Scared Of You

Dear Pressure, I'm coming for you.


Pressure surrounds us all the time. Don't you wish you could just tell it how you feel about what it does to you? Well, I am.

Dear Pressure,

What are you? Where are you? More importantly, why are you here? I mean you're literally everywhere. You and your best friend stress seem to be attached at the hip. You rarely see one without the other. You sit on my shoulder when I'm studying for a test. You're always whispering in my ear during practice and games. You play with my emotions when picking out what to wear that day. You're staring me down as I am writing this article right now. Tagging along for the ride throughout my daily activities, never missing an opportunity to let me know that you're there.

I can only bare so much of you and yet you are continuously growing and multiplying. Often, you and your little friend are what breaks me at the end of a long day. So overwhelmed by the power of this "dynamic duo" of sorts that I don't know what to do with myself. Slowly but surely chipping away at parts of me until you get down to the nitty-gritty.

Quite honestly there were times in my life where I hated you. I didn't understand why you did the things you did. Why you made me feel the way you did and act how I acted. Even to this day, sometimes I sit there and think about the reaction that I had to your presence that day. It really never does make sense, does it? Why we do the things that we do when you and your bestie are around. Or why you two just seem to be so obsessed with us. Really think about it. You two just always want to haunt us or be in our business. Especially when it comes to school and sports.

Because of the two of you myself, and thousands of other people have developed anxiety and depression, all because you think its funny to sit on our shoulders and try to see if you can bring us down. Consistently coming and going throughout our daily lives, forcing us to make hard decisions and telling us to get things done. You're not the best but you're not all that bad either. There are times in my life where I need you to kick me in the butt to wake me and make sure I get my work done. Whether it's on the field or in the classroom.

Because of you, I see things in a new way. You've taught me lessons that no professor or coach ever could. I've learned things about myself and the game that I would have never known if you didn't decide to stick your nose in things. I've grown into this strong and independent person partially because of you. You showed me how to deal with chaos and remain calm. You pushed me to do better than my best and step up when the time came. You showed me the strength and abilities that I never knew I had.

Some of my greatest triumphs came from you pushing me farther than I thought I could go. I can't believe I'm saying this but I thank you for being a part of my life. For giving me the opportunities to live my life, prove myself, and step up. You've helped me to learn more about me and who I truly am. I've grown to become such a stronger woman and leader because you showed me my capabilities. It was never easy. A lot of the times I didn't want to deal with it or hear what you had to say. I would ignore you and ignore you until you built up to be this huge all-consuming being.

But I beat you. I proved you wrong. I showed you what it's like to be in charge. I know that you will never truly go away and you will continue to try and get under my skin but I know now exactly how to handle you, so I suggest you watch your back.

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