It is currently 4 A.M. and the only thing I can think about is pizza. Welcome to finals week or the week that every college freshman learns what hell is and how to find it.

This is my first semester, so I thought to myself, “How bad can finals really be? I was able to pull through them in high school, I’ll be fine.” Thing is this is not high school. I have four three-hour exams right after each other on both Monday and Tuesday. Both on Tuesday are very hard classes, with one professor that doesn’t teach using notes and only lectures, while the other professor is a hard grader and doesn't care if you pass or not. All I know is that I need to pass and get through this semester. I have slacked this semester with the limited homework and study time that I put in and now I realize why that needs to change.

I now have only three days, and about 12 hours to cram for these four finals. I pray that not only do I pass but I get the grade I want. I know that I can do it, and that I will do it but as a first semester freshman you begin to psych yourself out when it comes time for your first finals.

A quick note to all other fellow freshman:

You got this - we got this. Try your hardest, study hard [not too hard], and answer as much as you can. If you work hard, and answer as many questions on your finals as possible, you will get a better result. All of my professors tell us, that we can’t get points if we don’t put anything down. You never know your wild guess on an open ended question may just be right, or at least enough effort for a professor to give you the benefit of the doubt. So to all other fellow college freshman, we got this, and good luck.