5 Ways To Get Through Finals

Finals week is hard for any college student, here are my study tips to get through finals at Villanova

1. Get your Holy Grounds

You are going to need coffee, don't lie to yourself and try to survive without it especially when you have been drinking it all year

2. Find your study space

Cyber Lounge, Belle Aire Terrace, Reading Room, and Reserving classrooms are the best bet, find a place that works for you.

3. Sleep

An all nighter is going to harm you rather than hurt you so be good and sleep even if its just for an hour.

4. Eat

It can be late night, dinning hall or Campco, you have to eat. Studying on a full stomach is better for you.

5. Breathe

Take deep breaths you can do it.

Good Luck on your finals you will Kill it!

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