Finals Forget-Me-Nots

Finals Forget-Me-Nots


Welcome to the time of the semester that we all dread. A time where the days get longer and you tend to find yourself spending more time in the library than you do in your own room, commonly known as finals (please que the spooky background music).

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, finals, the f word no one likes to say, are right around the corner and they are coming up fast. Get ready for the immense feeling of being so close, but yet so far away, from winter break. This is followed by the phase of sleepless nights while trying to prepare as much as you can or finish up a project, a phase that college students know all too well. During this time, many college students tend forget to properly take care of themselves because they have become so invested in their academics to the point where the only thing on their mind is their school work. In the midst of all of this, it is very important that you still try your best to remember to treat your body like the temple it is. Here are some helpful “forget-me-nots” that you can do to take care of your body while not taking too much time away from your seemingly endless to-do list:

1) Sleep

I will say this once very loud and clear: SLEEP

It is so important to your health and success. You should think twice before pulling an “all-nighter" because it is truly not good for your thought process and overall health. Do not let all of that hard work go to waste just because you thought for a hot second that you could do well on a test with a lack of sleep. Getting zzz’s equals getting A’s (with proper exam preparation of course) so make sure you rest well, at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

2) Start Your Day Off Right

Eat something for breakfast. Breakfast is truly a forgotten, and underrated, meal of the day but it is very crucial to giving you the pick me up you need and keeping your body well fed. You’re not expected to eat a continental breakfast, just something small you can grab before you start your day, like a granola bar.

3) Watch What You Eat

An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away but it can help give you the energy and nutrition you need to stay active and healthy. Getting your daily dose of nutrients in your diet is crucial to your academic success and health because it is the fuel your body needs to keep you running and feeling like the energizer bunny. Yes, this does mean to forget about snacking on chips, cookies, and other scrumptious snacks that are so good to you but so bad for you because those are only going to make you feel slumped.

4) Take A Break

Taking a break never seems like an option but your brain will thank you for doing so. College students can spend hourslost in translation from reviewing their work and they tend to doze off without even realizing they are doing so. Spending too much time studying can exhaust your brain and, in turn, it will effect how you memorize important information. Don’t be afraid to treat your brain to a 30 minute break that you can spend either taking a power nap or snacking on something sweet and nutritious.

Taking care of yourself is key to succeeding. Getting to winter break may see like mission impossible (without Tom Cruise being around to help you) but keep your head up and high because you can do it. There are so many people out there who are cheering you on and want to see you do well.

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My Parents Are Divorced, And It's More Than Okay

Sometimes mom's and dad's fall out of love, sometimes two homes are better than one.


Growing up, every time somebody found out that my parents are divorced I would hear the same guilty, "oh, honey, I am so sorry." To which I would questioningly assure them that it was okay. I never understood why people felt so sorry for me. I never understood why my parents being happier separated than unhappy together seemed like such a bad thing. But, now I do.

Growing up, I could never quite figure out how someone could feel sorry for the little curly haired girl who got two Christmas mornings, two Thanksgiving dinners, and double the birthday presents. But, now I do.

Growing up, I watched people's jaws drop in amazement when I tell them about my not-so-broken family. When I tell them that my parents, who have been divorced for almost two decades, are actually friends. When I tell them that my little brothers, who have two completely different sets of parents from each other, are best friends, because of the amount of time they spend with each other. When I tell them that my mom still considers my dad's sister, her sister. When I tell them that my Mom's parents still ask about how my dad is every single time I see them. When I tell them that my Dad's parents still hug my mom every time she runs into them in public. I never understood what was so unusual about this. But, now I do.

I grew up splitting my time evenly between my parents. I never endured the "weekends at dad's" or the "it's mom's Christmas." I grew up watching my mom mow the yard, and take out the trash and practice throwing the football with my little brothers. I watched my dad cook, and clean, and play Barbies with me. I grew up with two single parents who I've watched work so incredibly hard for everything they have. I never understood how unusual this was. But, now I do.

Growing up, I got to look out in the crowd at every dance recital and see my parents sitting next to each other. I got to watch my parents hug at my graduation and through the tears whisper, "we did it." Every college visit, every prom, and every chorus concert you were there, together. I never used to fully appreciate how amazing this was. But, now I do.

It took until I was grown up to realize that not all divorced parents are as amazing as mine, and I could thank my parents every single day and it would never be enough.

I used to think that I just simply got lucky. But, now, I see that it's so much more than luck. It took effort and so, so much love from each of you to let me grow up and be able to write an article about how easy your divorce was on me.

So, thanks, mom and dad.

You guys showed me maturity. You guys showed me stability. You guys showed me what it means to do anything for your children.

You guys showed me that "home" isn't always found in four walls and a roof, but instead, home is found in the arms of the two people who love you more than anyone else on this planet.

So, maybe I do technically come from a "broken family," but somehow, because of you guys, this big, loving, crazy family doesn't seem broken to me at all.

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