Finals Don't Define You As A Student

It's that time of year again. You're stressed out about finals. Every time you sit down, you feel guilty because you could be studying or working on something else. I know that feeling. I'm actually experiencing it right now. It's ok. It's normal to be stressed out. But I'm not here to lecture you on how you shouldn't be stressed. I'm here to give you affirmation that no matter the outcome, you're going to be ok.

There is nothing more discouraging than working your hardest, studying for weeks, then still not getting an A on an exam. Sometimes your hardest work just isn't enough. But that's life. You work so hard but it doesn't work out. That isn't usually taught to us, that even if you work hard, failure is still a possibility. It's a natural part of the journey to success. Sometimes your brain just doesn't grasp concepts, sometimes you just can write down everything you need to know, but if it isn't interesting enough or you're too stressed out, you won't remember come to the exam.

You're ok. An exam grade isn't everything, and you should continually work hard despite it not working out this time. If your problem was that you didn't study enough, then I hope you learned your lesson and will grow as a student next semester.

Nevertheless, I wish you all nothing but good luck on finals. Your grades do not define you, and I am proud of you. Continue to work your hardest and do not let failure discourage you from the unique journey you are on to your own success. Take a deep breath, brew yourself and get to work! You can do this.

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