Finals At Cornell

As a newbie to finals at Cornell, the week can seem pretty daunting.

I mean, just step into Olin library and you’ll find people sitting on the floor outside Libe Cafe because there are no more empty chairs…

You decide to try office hours, walk in, and notice 30 kids from your class pouring out of your professors office after searching for your professor's office for 30 minutes. Nevermind.

In desperation, you annoy that random kid on your floor to answer your questions until they never want to see you again.

Maybe you get a text from your mom asking why you haven’t called in a while, and you reply that you’ve pretty much been doing the same thing everyday, so there’s not much to talk about.

This is what finals week can look like for a freshman, but then, you realize that everyone is in the same boat at you are- and that everyone is just as crazy as you are :)

Overheard at Cornell: “I’m not cutthroat, I’m just crazy”

Good luck on finals!

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