It's Finally Summer, Now What?

It's Finally Summer, Now What?

The day of relaxation are within my grasp.

As I’m sitting here writing this, I am breathing a sigh of relief. Finals have finally finished, I have packed up everything in my room and all feels content. Summer is finally here!

I can hear the ocean calling my name. In a few short days I will be at the beach relishing in the sun and the feeling of being home.

I love being away at college with my friends and having this new found freedom, but there’s something about being home. It’s getting to relax without having any worries, sleeping in without thinking about classes the next day, home feels safe.

Spending the entire summer at home and at the beach is honestly what I’ve been thinking about for months on end. And it’s finally happening.

Of course with summer comes other responsibilities that I have forgotten about while away at college. Like, helping clean the house, or weeding, or even my summer job. It seems like all fun and games until half the summer has gone by while I’ve been busy doing work.

There’s also the downfall of not being constantly surrounded by your friends. That’s the hardest thing of having the adjust to every time I go home. There’s no more group dinners or movie nights.

While this summer I will be mostly working at the golf course, I will also be able to enjoy time at the beach with my family. I have spent the last six summers working at the golf course, and I am more than happy to be returning again this summer.

As much as I look forward to going home for three months, there’s also the downfall that I won’t see any of my friends until August. Of course I’ll still be hanging out with my amazing friends from home but sadly they don’t live across the hall.

I told my parents the other night that as much as I really wanted to come home I would miss living at college (sorry mom and dad). Of course my father quickly responded with, “Well the cat doesn’t live at school with you, so be excited to see her.”

Summer is always seen as a time with endless opportunities. And that is true to an extent. The days feel like they last forever and there was a countless supply of them.

I am more than excited to finally be starting summer. As most of my friends are already home from school, and it will be a summer spent with family and friends.

This summer will be be bittersweet because I will be at home and relaxing at the beach, but away from my friends and the constant entertainment.

Hopefully this summer will see many great days, because I have high hopes for this one. It will be unique just like every other one. Here’s to the beginning of a great summer, may it feel like it will last forever.

Cover Image Credit: Ariana Pelosci

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1. "Hello summer."

2. "I'm happiest when I'm floating in the ocean."

3. "May you always have a shell in your pocket, and sand in your toes."

4. "Life is better with palm trees."

5. "Sandy toes. Sun-kissed nose."

6. "Balmy nights, pink sunsets, and salty air."

7. "Talk to the sand."

8. "Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air." -Emerson

9. "Everyone should believe in something. I believe I should go to the beach."

10. "Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure."

11. "The ocean is calling and I must go."

12. "Here comes the sun."

13. "If it requires a bikini, my answer is yes."

14. "I'm just a beachy kinda girl."

15. "As free as the ocean..."

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17. "Life's a beach. Enjoy the waves."

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19. "Let the currents guide your heart."

20. "Happiness comes in waves."

21. "Let's go somewhere where the stars kiss the ocean."

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23. "I lost my heart to the sea."

24. "Sun, sand, and surf."

25. "Salt in the air. Sand in my hair."

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Cover Image Credit: Jakob Owens // Unsplash

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To The Girl Who Can't Wait For Fall

Fall is overrated.


I don't hate fall. I want to make that very clear. As long as it's not too hot and not too cold, the weather is actually pretty enjoyable. I do love to watch the leaves change color and I like watching certain scary(ish) movies close to Halloween. But here's the thing: It's still summer!

Around this time of year, I start seeing posts about how fall is coming soon and I just don't get the hype. Personally, I like to savor every remaining ounce of summer that I can before switching gears into cold weather mode. So last year when Starbucks rolled out the pumpkin spice lattes before August was even over, I was a little annoyed.

As I said earlier, I just don't understand why people get so hyped up about the fall season. Yes, summer can be hot and miserable, but fall is the time of year when everything seems to get dark and gloomy. It rains a lot and starts to get dark earlier. Sure, you can throw on a sweater and curl up by the fire, but that doesn't compare to being able to bask in the sunshine all day.

Fall is nice when it comes around, but there's no need to rush into the next season. Once fall is over, we go into the holiday season, and after that, we're back into the dead of winter. As much as I look forward to these things, I think it's important to appreciate each season for what it has to offer, and not constantly anticipate what's coming next.

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