Right before meeting you, I had already settled on the idea that I would spend the rest of my life to myself. I knew I would be alone and live life to myself, but I was not OK with that.

After being in a relationship where I knew nothing would work out, I had given up. I had given up on the idea of loving someone and receiving the same amount of love back. I remember wanting someone who was loyal. I wanted someone who could be honest with me and treat me with respect. I felt like that was impossible to find, until I found you.

When I found you, I was about to give up. I just felt like you were another guy that was going to tell me everything I wanted to hear. I thought wrong. You were the guy I dreamed of. I dreamt of a man who would make me his entire world, who would one day have me wrapped around his finger.

I dreamed of having a man who would hold doors open for me. I dreamed of the small things and little did I know I would eventually find them with you. I dreamed of a man who would appreciate me and make it known that he did. I dreamed of a man who would make sure I was happy. I found that with you.

When I was about to give up, you walked into my life with arms wide open ready to love me and fall in love with every aspect of me. The man I dreamed of for so long was finally mine and I’m so thankful my dreams finally came true.