11 Thoughts You Have When You Meet Your First Cousin Who Is Two Decades Younger Than You
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11 Thoughts You Have When You Meet Your First Cousin Who Is Two Decades Younger Than You

And who you've waited your entire life for.

11 Thoughts You Have When You Meet Your First Cousin Who Is Two Decades Younger Than You
Kelsey Dietrich

My first cousin was born when I was 21.5 years old. All throughout school, my classmates never believed me when I would say that I didn't have any cousins. Who did I play with at holidays? Who did I call when I wanted to discuss the latest middle school drama? Who did I grow up with as my first best friend?

I actually think that having a cousin 20+ years younger than me is just as special, if not even more. In this more unique situation, the large age difference allows us both to live our own separate lives in very different time periods while learning so much from each other. I can role model appropriate adult behavior as my much younger cousin grows up. Yet, the much younger cousin plays an important role in reminding me of the simplicity of life and how to care for, love, and protect others.

Here are 11 thoughts one has when they meet their first cousin who is (more than!) two decades younger.

1. Is this how you hold a baby?

Not exactly sure since I've never been around any before...

2. So tiny!

Fingers, toes, everything.


Everything and anything my cousin does.

4. My kids will be closer in age to my cousin than I am to her. 

Second cousin bonds.

5. When I'm 40, my cousin will be my age now. 

Kinda weird to think how life is going to be in 20 years. Hopefully I've got it together!

6. Baby smiles are the best.

Their whole body portrays the emotion.

7. My cousin is SO good at taking selfies with me.

Gotta start 'em young.

8. I wonder what social media will be the trend when my cousin is a teenager. 

Is Snapchat even going to still be around?

9. We will be best friends forever.

We already are, unbeknownst to the baby.

10. I can't wait to watch my cousin grow up!

And I will actually be able to remember it all since we aren't at the same stage.

11. I love my cousin.

Sooooo much!

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