The moment that everyone was waiting for finally arrived last Friday, November 25, when Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was released on Netflix. While all four episodes were highly anticipated, there is by far one scene was surely the most awaited, and that every true Gilmore Girls fan was on the edge of their seat for—those coveted final four words.

From the time the revival finished filming, Amy Sherman Palladino, the original creator of Gilmore Girls, confirmed that she would be be ending the final of the four episodes with the same four words that she wanted to end the original series with, but never got the chance to because she did not take part in the final season of the show. Somehow, though, having to wait for what seemed like forever to finally hear Lorelai and Rory deliver what have come to be known solely as “The Final Four Words” only made them that much more exciting. As fans began to finish A Year In The Life, however, not everyone was completely happy with the words they so longed to hear, leading Palladino to defend them, saying that they made “perfect sense.” So, were they really the perfect ending?

As far as I am concerned, absolutely. Rory telling Lorelai that she is pregnant does make perfect sense, and wraps up the series in an incredibly special way. The father is undoubtedly Logan Huntzberger, Rory’s college boyfriend with whom she is currently having an affair. While I have never been a fan of Logan, Rory’s relationship with him has always resembled that of Lorelai and Christopher, Rory’s father who did not play much of a role in her life at all, and who, for the record, I have also never liked. Nonetheless, in the final episode of A Year In The Life, Rory goes to Christopher and asks him if he minded that Lorelai took her and raised her on her own, or if he felt that it was the right thing to do in their situation, and, in that moment, everything makes sense.

Rory likely wants to know this because it is what she wants to do—she wants to raise her child on her own as Lorelai raised her, with Logan having a minimal role in their child’s life. Of course he would have the ability to have a relationship with him/her if he chooses to, but he would not be there to raise them on a daily basis, which is probably the right choice considering he is currently engaged to a French heiress who is obviously not Rory. Even more than this, Rory knows that she does not need Logan to help her, just as Lorelai did not need Christopher. Essentially, Rory wants to create the life and relationship she had with Lorelai growing up for her own child and continue the strong Gilmore girl ways. What could be a better ending than that?

Now, want to know the the truly best part about the final four words? They most definitely leave room for more episodes. Will we get to see Rory as a mother, Lorelai as a grandmother and Emily as a great grandmother? Amy Sherman Palladino, as well as the entirety of the cast consistently says that they are open to more, so will it ever happen? No one can no for sure right now, but if there is one thing that is inevitable, it is that fans of Stars Hollow and all its characters will be just as dedicated no matter what happens. What can I say? Where the Gilmore girls lead, we will follow.