5 Films To Keep You're Eye On For the Oscars

5 Films To Keep You're Eye On For the Oscars

Early favourites for the 90th Academy Awards

After two consecutive seasons of movies that have proven to be sub-par at best, the run of movies between the 2017-2018 annum has proven to be a gold mine. From a sophisticated blend of comedy and horror amalgamated with the conception of "Get Out", to the auteuristic tour de force of "Dunkirk", Hollywood has taken a stand and reasserted itself to audiences and critics to show why cinema still sits at the zenith of motion picture entertainment. In the midst of Oscar season, Tinseltown shows know sign for letting up its onslaught. Here are five movies to keep your eye on as the 90th Academy Awards draw closer with each passing second, minute, hour and day.

5. "Dunkirk"

Depicting the ever famous evacuation from three perspectives: land, air, and sea, Christopher Nolan opted to rely very little on dialogue, resorting to cinematography and music to conceive a vast majority of his suspense. Sitting at a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems this creative decision paid off, with critics praising the film for its jaw-dropping visuals, direction, and writing. Amidst the flurry of being bombarded by rapturous reviews, it is currently being regarded as one of the greatest war films ever made, and Christopher Nolan's best movie to date.

4. "The Shape of Water"

Written and directed by horror and fairy tale specialist Guillermo del Toro, whose impressive credits include "The Hobbit" and "Pan's Labyrinth", "The Shape of Water" debuted at the Venice Film Festival, receiving universal acclaim. With critics and the audience singling out the film for del Toro's emotionally absorbing onscreen narrative which was brought to life with the help of an enthralling performance delivered on the count of Sally Hawkins. Having already won the Golden Lion Award, "The Shape of Water" will most certainly be a strong candidate to fill out its trophy cabinet with hardware glowing as bright as the prestige surrounding it.

3. "The Big Sick"

In a time where xenophobia seems to have taken hold of the American fabric, "The Big Sick" drew acclaim for its examination of cultural differences that come to pose challenges for an interracial couple. Loosely based on the lives of the film's writers Kumail Nanjini and Emily V. Gordan, a poll conducted by AwardsDaily, gathering consensus from 100 film critics, currently ranks "The Big Sick" as the second best movie of 2017, behind "Get Out". Grossing $53 million on a $5 million budget, it is also one of the highest grossing independent movies of the year.

2. "Get Out"

An odd, but a cohesive blend of horror and comedy, Jordan Peele's "Get Out" became an instant hit at the box office, accruing $235.4 million on a $4.5 million budget. Along with its state-of-the-art modern style, the film garnered praise from among the critical circles for its subtle, yet incisive examination of how racism continues to persevere in America. A theme that is not lost on moviegoers who remember the events of November 9, 2016. Set to compete at the Golden Globes in the comedy category, expect "Get Out" to be a major contender to rise to higher heights of prestige that will be up for grabs at Dolby Theatre in March.

1. "Lady Bird"

With the success of "Moonlight" and "Ghost Story", A24 is quickly ascending to the heights of cinematic dominance, and once again, has struck gold with "Lady Bird". Written and directed by Greta Gerwig, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her work on "Frances Ha", "Lady Bird" boasts a masterful blend of simple, but profoundly clever whit and lingering unpredictability capable of dragging its audience to the floor in a seizure of laughter with each passing scene. Powered by near flawless acting on the count of Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf who introduce a heartbreaking level of humanity that matches the script, don't be surprised to see Gerwig's masterpiece give the Oscars a run for its money.

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I Made Emma Chamberlain's Mediocre Vegan Cookies, And They're Pretty Incredible

Emma and her vegan cookies have made their way into my heart, and are here to stay.


One day, I went down the black hole that is 'YouTube at 3 am' and discovered my favorite social media influencer of all time: Emma Chamberlain. I started binge watching her videos every night for about a week, where I came across her "Cooking With Emma" series. I decided that I wanted to give her vegan antics a go for myself.

I've never cooked or baked anything with the intention of it being vegan, so not only is that new territory for me, but I've never even eaten a vegan cookie. The only reason I'm doing this is because Emma did, and she is aesthetic goals.

To start the journey of vegan baking, I took to Pinterest, just like Emma, and found this recipe to use. Although the video that inspired all of this used a gluten free recipe, I opted for only vegan, because I'm allergic to most of the ingredients that make things gluten-free.

In true Emma style, I used a whisk to combine the wet ingredients together, making sure to use her special technique.

Then, I did the same thing with the dry ingredients.

After that, I dumped everything together and combined all of the ingredients.

Once they were combined, I chopped up a vegan chocolate bar, because Emma and I like chocolate chunk cookies, not chocolate chip, there's a difference.

Now that everything is combined, I made balls of dough and stuck it on a pan, and baked them while I binged more Emma, because what else would I be doing in my spare time?

The recipe said to make the balls a lot smaller, but we aren't perfect, so I made them gigantic. In my head, I thought the worst thing that could happen was it turn into one big cookie, but that's a whole other video you need to watch.

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The taste was definitely one I've never associated with cookies, and came to the conclusion that if I decided to go vegan, it would be doable with these cookies and Emma Chamberlain by my side.

Emma inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, which is a reoccurring theme throughout her channel, and I'm happy to be apart of it. She taught me that even if mediocre cookies is all you have, eat them with pride because you made them yourself.

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