If You're Fighting For Equality, You're Wrong, And Here Is Why

If You're Fighting For Equality, You're Wrong, And Here Is Why

Our society needs balance, a balance that can't be achieved through equality.


Many of the popular movements these days are all centered around this central idea of equality. Personally, I think that equality is the last thing that any society in our time should be fighting for, as it would do us no good.

Equality is defined as being when a group of people are all given the exact same status, rights, and opportunities. This would be a detriment to us, even compared to our current unequal systems, and here is why:

Think of the idea of equality this way; three men are trying to see over a wall, one is tall, one is of medium height and one is short. Equality is giving each man the same sized crate to stand on to see over the wall. The tall man and the medium man can see over the wall but the shorter man still can't see over the top.

Each man was given the same boost but equality only put the shorter man a little closer to seeing over the wall. This is where equality meets its demise, we need more order to achieve a true balance within our society. Equality is not what we need, we are in dire need of justice.

Think of justice in this way, the tall man is given one crate, the man of medium height two and the shorter man three. Here, each of the men are able to see over the top of the wall, view comfortably and everyone's needs have been met in order to achieve a balance of harmony.

Those who are fighting for equality are working towards a very similar idea, but one that can be very dangerous to us all. The issue with equality is that, along with not achieving true balance, it promotes the idea of separation.

In terms of, since we are all separate from one another, we need to be given the same standing in order to bring us all to the same place. Justice operates without the underlying notion of separation.

In Justice, we are all one body, and in that body, balance must be achieved. We are one, no longer separate from one another. And we must govern ourselves in a way that takes care of every part of our consciousness but also brings us all together, without separating us all.

With all of the popular movements, whether it be feminism, the Black Lives Matter movement, or gay rights. With these niches of people fighting for equality, we are fighting in a way that creates an Us vs. Them situation. Which is the exact thing we need to avoid.

We must see ourselves as one, not separated by gender, race, or sexual orientation. Creating an Us vs. Them situation while also fighting for equality is counter intuitive, it will never bring us together, just drive us further from one another, and then true peace and balance will never be found.

It can only be achieved when we fight for justice, the collective good, where everyone is taken care of properly, there is no Us vs. Them mentality, only We. And when society as a whole understands what it means to all be a collective 'We', we will have finally achieved true balance. Where we can all thrive, enjoying our view over the wall that we all share.

Think about it. Talk about it. Question it.

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