Panera Bread wasn't a restaurant I really ever thought about. Of course I'd see its chains around my town but I never made the decision to check out the restaurant. During my first year in college, a few friends of mine began talking about how good their food is. I couldn't participate in the conversation because I didn't know how good anything of theirs was. I stuck out like a sore thumb when I said, "I've never been to Panera." My friends were shocked and said that they needed to take me there. Fast forward two years later and here I am writing an article about a day in my life at Panera. Funny how I basically went from "I don't know that place" (Mariah Carey voice) to "I love that place!" Below I specify my usual, customized order at Panera!

The first thing I do is go to the computer ordering station; I find it much easier than bothering the employees with my very specific order. Any who, I then go to the "sandwich" option and choose "Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt." If you go on their website, you'll see what the sandwich looks like. I click "customize" and then I begin my order.

I switch the black pepper focaccia bread for a hoagie roll. I keep the smoked pulled chicken and gouda cheese but remove the avocado and cilantro. For the peppadew peppers, I choose "light" instead of regular. The other day, for the first time, I added red onions and tomatoes (chose "light" for both) and I must say that they were good additions. For the condiments, I remove the "Chipotle Mayonnaise" but I don't replace it with anything. I know, I completely demolished the original order but I promise my version is delicious as well! For my free side, my junk food loving self chooses the chips.

Sometimes I get iced coffee, but now I usually choose an item from the bakery. For so long, I got the candy cookie. However one day, I experienced the oatmeal raisin with berries cookie and let me tell you: it's one of the BEST cookies I've ever tasted by far. I love it so much to the point where I looked online for a copycat recipe. I still have yet to try it out.

Usually, I hungrily wait for my order and internally jump for joy when it's ready. If you ever try my customized order from Panera, let me know!

"Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience." - Guy Fieri