12 Frisky Festive Sex Positions That Will Bring The Extra Joy
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This holiday season is all about snuggling with your S.O. and banging it out, am I right? Or am I right? It's about time to reinvent your favorite traditional positions with a seasonal twist. My intention is for all of us to end up on the naughty list so don't shy away from adding even more spice with a holiday-themed sex toy.

Stuff my stocking

Okay, so we are talking about doggie, but imagine holiday scented candles around. You know, make it romantic. Not sure about you, but I'm getting as excited as if I'm going through my stocking gifts Christmas morning.

Elf on the shelf

Oh yes, you're the elf as you sit on a chair, counter, shelf, whatever!

Santa's Sleigh

Santa's got to get to the destination, so you'll be riding your partner all night long.

Light my candle

If you've never tried doing 'it' standing up, now's the time to light up the passion. Pro tip: use a wall for leverage.

New Year's fireworks

This one starts out slow in missionary, but as you raise one leg over his shoulder, you'll be feeling the fireworks alright.

The candy cane 

Okay, pretty much it's 69 but sweeter.

Red Nose Reindeer 

You're taking Rudolph's place, oh yes, this is the wheelbarrow.

I taste the mistletoe

To put it bluntly, sit on their face.

Braided challah

Choose your favorite position and wrap your legs around your lover – boom, this is the braided challah.

Spin the dreidel

As your partner sits in criss-cross applesauce, wrap your legs on top and you'll be singing, "Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel" before you know it.

Christmas football

We've all had that moment when we just want to watch T.V., especially Christmas football. So turn your booty around while you're riding your partner and get into reverse cowgirl or what I like to call Christmas football.

With whipped cream and a cherry on top

Always add food.

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