Festival Fashion: 7 Next-Level Rave Outfit Ideas for Women
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Festival Fashion: 7 Next-Level Rave Outfit Ideas for Women

7 Next-Level Rave Outfit Ideas for Women

Festival Fashion: 7 Next-Level Rave Outfit Ideas for Women

Raves, music festivals, and EDM parties are considered the definition of freedom - to express yourself, grow out of your everyday shoes, and dance all your trouble away to the rhythm of the beat.

Logically, festival clothing follows the party mood and rounds out the experience with an added layer of epicness. It has nothing to do with everyday fashion - instead, it paints worlds of its own. Worlds as brilliant, horrific, and imaginative as you’d like them to be!

Below, you will find our brief inspiration list with some of the most brute rave outfit concepts in town - outstanding, high-tech, and thoroughly marvelous.

#1 A Reflective Fembot Costume


UV-reactive inks and high-quality spandex are indeed a couple made in the EDM heaven. And if you are looking for the right way to use that treasure in your appearance, a streamlined one-piece costume is here to make you stand out like a boss.

When you add a realistic all-over print with futuristic motifs, you will not merely steal the spotlight; you will be the spotlight. Perfectly sci-fi and totally future-proof - a reflective fembot costume is inspiration number one for all the alternative party-starters out there!

#2 A Fire-Breathing Multi-Piece Set


One-piece costumes are trim as heaven, yet multiple-piece outfits are cheeky as hell! Here, we have an out-and-out garment pick that includes a pair of sexy booty shorts, a strapless boob tube, a couple of thumbhole sleeves, and a matching neck gaiter for a flawless victory.

To make it picture-perfect, the set is printed with abstract mythological patterns from the realm of fire-breathing dragons and steam-blowing dragon queens. Because you’re here to set the night on fire, are you not?

#3 A Trippy Thong Bodysuit


Bold cuts are the new black, and trippy patterns are here to stay from times unknown. When you blend the two of these together, you get the rave vibe of the decade - provocative enough to match your savageness and sleek enough to keep you on the top of the rave wave.

The thong bodysuit has a trendy high-hip design, an extra spacious cut on the abdomen, and a round scoop neck added to the sleeveless look. All you need to do is put the right pair of boots on and go own the front stage!

#4 A Rainbow Splash Sleeveless Catsuit


You can never go wrong with a spectrum-colored outfit, can you? This one brings together the best of both worlds - trim one-piece costumes and playful designer cuts. It has a sensual open back, a classic scoop neckline, and a couple of elastic ties for personalizing the fit to the fullest.

Up for another portion of good news? Top-line spandex is 100% solid, durable, and non-see-through. After jumping into it, you will feel like wearing a second skin, and you will have the ultimate freedom to dance as wildly as you possibly can.

#5 An Abstract Cutout Maxi Dress


Are you looking for a way to consolidate a royal maxi dress look with a contemporary festival fashion style? You’ve just found one! Cut-out long dresses are usually worn with high-waisted booty shorts as a base layer, thus producing a mighty “wow!” effect in anyone that puts their eyes on you.

As far as the graphic prints are concerned, you can hardly go wrong. From burning flowers to liquid steel - you can choose the conceptual design that best matches your preferences and enjoy it the way you deserve it.

#6 A Funky Leggings Set


Funk is not dead! Abstract, psychedelic, mind-bending, and striking as your imagination is - a funky party set never grows out of fashion. Here, you have your alternative reality printed on a pair of high-waisted rave leggings, plus a hooded crop top with a sleeveless design.

This is an absolutely classic rave outfit idea that matches every party event on the calendar - from Coachella and Burning man to the local underground EDM show you’re planning to hit next weekend.

#7 А Printed Short Overall


Our last outfit inspiration comes as an alternative to party-only fashion. In fact, short overalls are perfectly wearable in your everyday life, as long as you take your time to style them in a balanced and tasteful way.

These trendy one-pieces have a short leg finish, a cropped torso section, and a couple of shoulder straps to keep the ensemble together. In addition, you can combine them with different types of long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless tops, depending on the looks you’re seeking to produce. Also - don’t forget your crew socks for some extra style points!

Are you already feeling the inspiration kicking in? Good! Now, let it shape your individual festival style and use it for a next-level party experience! Then go out, have fun, keep safe, and make some memories worth turning back to!

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