Fenty Beauty Is Finally Here

Fenty Beauty Is Finally Here

Rihanna did what no one else would: she included everyone

Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, is already making noise to makeup fanatics everywhere. Launched in over 1,600 stores and in 17 countries around the globe, this makeup line represents unity and inclusivity among women everywhere. Inspired by her love for makeup as a child this line allows every woman to express herself just as the culture icon Rihanna does.

Although Rihanna’s love for make-up contributed to the initiation of her line, what drove her vision was the beauty industries lack of diversity. She saw that the span of colors offered in high-end makeup lines failed to include pigments that complimented a variety of unique skin tones and types. Fenty is created specifically to fill a gap in the beauty world.

The line offers 40 shades of foundation to fill this void offering diverse shades which target “hard to match” skin tones. Additionally, 20 shades of makeup sticks and a healthy span of highlighters and lipsticks are offered. The line is ubiquitous revealing the true essence of the brand. In an interview with E News, Rihanna comments that “I want women of all shades to feel included…” and “that was important for me within choosing the shades.” Her website evens says that the line exists “so that women everywhere would be included.” Women of every ethnicity, race, and culture, can now lavish in the method self-expression that is makeup.

Another important aspect of the music icon’s line was the image of the “Fenty Face.” In a video featured on the Fenty Beauty website, it shows the “Fenty Face” in various application on a diverse group of women of various cultures. Rihanna recognizes that beauty is subjective and exists in all different styles. Rihanna said the reason she named the brand “Fenty” was because her name was personal to her and she wanted this line to represent how she sees beauty.

This line of makeup is for the girls and for the women. The line promotes beauty, and self-confidence and inclusion while celebrating women in their essence. “We are women and we have challenges” says the singing sensation, “we deserve to feel beautiful.”
Cover Image Credit: Fenty Beauty

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Kittsona Is Your New Favorite Boutique

Your one-stop-shop for all things cute!

Shopping small has really taken off in the past several years. Millennials, in particular, are advocators for supporting small businesses.

The experiences and products are more unique, and the quality tends to be better. Most tend to have their favorites: whether that be because the quality is out of this world, it's cheap or the staff is just super helpful and friendly.

I'm a millennial. I have a favorite boutique. It's called Kittsona.

I also work there.

I know, that seems super biased, but I love it because of the three reasons I listed above.

Kittsona was started out in the Midwest after two women met at a farmer's market. Both of them dreamed of opening up a boutique inspired by feminine attire and home goods, so they did just that.

Years later, there are eight locations around the country: most in North Dakota and Minnesota, two in Texas, one in Colorado, and one in Charleston.

Kittsona gets in orders from amazing retailers including Wishlist, NikiBiki, Flying Money denim and Quipid shoes. Even better, Kittsona utilizes local artisans and businesses and sells their products!

What makes it even better? The prices are great! Most customers come in expecting to drop 100 dollars on one blouse, but most are about 25 to 45!

The store is constantly getting in chic, boho, preppy styles to fit each shopper's preferred look - for more than half the cost that others sell clothes for. (And let's not forget the adorable home goods from local companies for extremely cheap prices as well!)

Most importantly, the women I work with at Kittsona (and at headquarters!) are extremely helpful, peppy and kind. Need another size? We'll grab it for you right away. Want something the other stores have that we don't have? We'll ship it to you. Just want someone to talk about fashion with? We got you. There isn't a day I dread going to work, because I couldn't ask for better ladies to work with!

I'm so lucky to be employed at a company where we care so much about giving our customers the best boutique shopping experience.

Cover Image Credit: Caroline Buck

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Your Online Shopping "Retail Therapy?" Yeah, That's A BIG Problem

The worst part about it all too is that I totally try to justify every purchase I make and I’m absolutely horrible at returning things.

Really though, who’s with me?

My bank account would be so much safer if I did not have the ability to have things delivered directly to my door. Sometimes within as little as a day (thanks, Amazon Prime).

As someone who can be classified as an impulse buyer, which is honestly an issue within an issue, I seriously struggle. From Facebook Ads to Instagram posts, to email lists that I somehow got on, spending money has become way too easy. Especially when I have my credit card number memorized.

Unfortunately, it has now also become possible to shop online at places like Publix, Walmart, and Target in which they will essentially shop for you and you simply have to pick it up. Do you know how much money on average I spend at a place like Target? Too much. Way too much.

Trust me, the budgeting function on my banking app makes me cringe every single time.

Do you know how much of that stuff I actually need? Maybe a quarter of it. Example: Guess who bought an all in one picnic basket last week because it was on sale for $29.99? This girl.

Guess who has never once in her life actually been on a picnic? This girl. Guess who will most likely never go on a picnic? This girl. $30 down the drain but hey at least it was on sale, right?

My biggest enemy these days are 100% Facebook Ads. It’s like I’m thinking about maybe possibly getting a new romper and then, poof, three different websites all have romper sales. Honestly, how do they do that? It should be illegal. It’s like I’ve been drug into every single sale that’s ever been posted. And of course, once I find a new place to shop I just have to sign up for emails.

What’s even more exciting for me? New arrivals. Incredibly exciting. Let me tell you.
There are about three or four different online stores that send me emails every time they have new arrivals. As an impulse shopper, I seriously cannot resist.

The worst part about it all too is that I totally try to justify every purchase I make and I’m absolutely horrible at returning things. What if, by some chance, I absolutely need that top or romper or dress for my night out in two weeks? What if I end up taking a spontaneous trip and those leggings are needed for a hike or a bathing suit is perfect for the beach?

And returning things? Well shipping them back is out of the question because, well, that’s a lot of work. Going into the store? Well, I didn’t want to do that in the first place.

And unfortunately, I’m not going to stop online shopping... It’s like opening presents on Christmas Day when I get an email that says “package delivered.”

See my struggle? My bank account sure does.

Any suggestions for these online shopping issues are greatly appreciated. We’re in this together. Seriously, please tell me someone shares my problems.

Cover Image Credit: John Schnobrich

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