Women are seen as vulnerable and weak. They are expected to appear socially acceptable to society. Women with curves and thicker bodies are less desired because of how social media objectifies women.

If we dress too "sexy" or "revealing", we are seen as "distracting" or "asking for it". While, wearing comfortable clothes such as sweatpants or a hoodie, we seem unappealing. If we wear too much makeup we come off as "fake", but too little means we aren't trying, and have no interest. Our hair is expected to be well groomed and taken care of.

Messiness comes off as disgusting and unattractive. It gives off they idea that we don't take care of ourselves. Women are constantly judged by their appearance. Even the way we speak gives off an impression that is immediately dissected. Our actions are being watched. Women cannot laugh too hard or speak too loud. They cannot eat too much, or too little. And don't have babies young but don't have them after thirty because that's too old.

Why is it that women are constantly worrying about how they appear to people in society.?

What about women in the workforce? There is a bias on what jobs women should and should not work. Salaries? Men will start off with a higher pay than women. Why? Because women are underestimated. Do you remember in elementary or middle school when the teacher would ask, "Can I have a couple strong boys help carry this?" Exactly.

Why is it that women are encouraged to walk with a group of friends at night, or make sure they have pepper spray on them? Women are more likely to get sexually assaulted, beaten, or have something stolen from them than men are...depending on the area. No women should have the fear that a man will attack her. But in today's society, anything can happen. That is why women are more cautious.

Like I said, I'm not a feminist. But, I do believe in justice for women. For equality.