Why Female Sports Are More Fun To Watch Than Male Sports

So I've noticed after watching both female and male sports, female sports are so much more fun to watch. I am not discrediting the athletic abilities of guys, but I feel like girls are so much more into their game. For example, if you watch a baseball game, it takes probably what feels like five hours, but a softball game takes only, at max an hour and a half. There is chanting, yelling, cheers, and it is overall just much more lively energy.

Don't get me wrong, I love cheering for my Green Bay Packers, or the Sun Devil football team, but for those games, you almost go for the crowds and not for the actual games.

I mean, maybe I'm biased. Both my sister and mom have played softball their entire lives, but I feel like deep down, we can all agree. Watching the Women's World Cup has also proved to me to be much more competitive on the women's side than it is the men's. Yes, there are grown women crying on the ground even though they were barely touched, but for every one woman doing that, there are at least 10 men. Women, from what I've seen, tend to wear their bumps and bruises like badges of honor.

Also, oh my gosh I have seen this lately. Men on twitter discrediting women in their sports saying, "Oh it's easy to pitch a perfect game," or "Are you kidding, she scored a hat trick, please that's nothing." You're kidding, right? It's ridiculous to say that someone else's amazing accomplishment is "easy" or "not that cool." How many perfect games have been pitched in baseball? Exactly. People overlook female sports like they are nothing, The WNBA is much more fun to watch than the NBA, oops I said it.

Female sports are more fun to watch. Period.

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