Before I get into this, let me just express and iterate that I am not denying that male privilege exists. As a male, I do have certain advantages over women. I don't have a fear of being raped or assaulted when walking down a dark, empty street. I don't have to endure being sexually harassed in the workplace on a regular basis. I don't worry about making significantly less in pay than my coworkers based solely upon my gender. That being said, women are not the only ones with disadvantages in our modern world. There are many scenarios and situations in which women have the upper hand over men.

Here are a few examples of female privilege.

1. Women can get away with domestic violence.

A female can hit a male and, more often than not, will not face an repercussions. Roughly 40 to 50 percent of domestic violence victims are male, as reported in a study by Parity. That being said, only 25 percent of domestic violence arrests are female. The majority of these female-on-male crimes go unreported, ignored, or even result in ridicule towards the man. "Be a man," or "grow a pair," seem to be a common solution to the problem.

2. Women win the kids in custody battles.

Divorce is alarmingly common in today's world. More alarming than that is how the court system is prone to giving the children of divorce to the mother. A 2009 study by the United States Census Bureau found that 82.2 percent of custody battles are won by the mother. In most cases, the woman is assumed to be the primary caregiver without careful analysis.

3. Women win half the earnings and belongings in a divorce.

In many households, both the man and woman take on jobs to support their family. In the case of divorce, they split the assets between both parties. This is fair. In many other cases, however, the man financially supports the family, while the woman stays at home - yet the courts still rule that the woman should receive half the earnings. Keeping that in mind, when a woman supports the family while the man stays at home, she is likely to receive all of the assets in the divorce, while the man walks out empty handed. In my opinion, you should receive what you've earned, regardless of gender.

4. Women don't die in combat.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, 97.7 percent of all military combat deaths are men. This number is almost sure to change though, seeing as women will now be registering for the draft - just like men have been for decades. I, personally, find this new regulation to be phenomenal. Women and men should be treated equally and given the same responsibilities.

5. Women are not shunned for molesting children.

The National Center for Victims of Crime states that 14 percent of child molestation perpetrators against boys are women. These women are not viewed the same as male perpetrators. Male victims are told to "man up" or are belittled for "not liking it." People will assume that the male victims of molestation "wanted it" or "didn't mind it," resulting in zero or little prison time and far fewer social consequences for the female predator. Rape, in any scenario, is a serious and malicious crime and should be treated as such, regardless of whether the perpetrator is female or male.

6. Women are more likely to find a home when in need.

According to the Homelessness Resource Center, 62 percent of the homeless community is male. Men are often viewed as intimidating or as a threat, so other individuals will not feel liable to help them out. Women are seen as vulnerable and helpless. It's easy to yell, "get a job," at a man and then go on about your day.

7. Women are allowed to be expressive.

Our society tells us that men don't cry. Men don't talk about their feelings because it is a sign of weakness. Men are expected to be the strong, silent type, and deviating from that leads to ridicule.

These are just a few of the many advantages that women have over men.

By definition, I am a feminist. I believe men and women should receive the same treatment, hold the same responsibilities, and have access to the same opportunities; however, men and women are still very different and face different challenges in life. These challenges should be recognized, on both sides of the gender spectrum. Men have certain privileges, females have certain privileges. If you are going to preach about "male privilege," and blame men for all of women's problems, you are not a feminist. In fact, you are a sexist and a bigot.