We Need Female Superheroes

I was so excited when the news came out that Marvel was making a "Captain Marvel" standalone film. Maybe they saw the success of "Wonder Woman" or maybe they decided she could finally fit into the story, but having Carol Danvers in her own film is something that Marvel needed.

It begs the question too, if these female-led superhero movies get so much hype and end up being so popular, why don't they get made sooner? I understand Captain Marvel may not have fit into the story until now, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch have been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while, and still don't have their own films, as much as fans would like to see them.

It's also not unheard of to see females in power positions in things we see every day on TV. "The 100" consists of many different groups that are mainly led by women. "How To Get Away With Murder" had Viola Davis playing the most powerful women in the whole show. These situations happen all the time, and it's surprising that these superhero universes are just getting on board.

We want to see females in power. We want to see women beating up the bad guy and helping save the day. We also need it. It's just another facet of representation in film. Too often we see female roles diminished compared to their male counterparts, or there's barely a female role at all.

Stop putting females in films just to be a love interest. Stop putting them in just to show that the male hero has a heart. Stop using them just to teach us something about the male lead. Put women in films so they can be the hero. Show girls that they can save the world just as well as a boy.

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