Female Hair transplant Treatment-You must know in 2021
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Female Hair transplant Treatment-You must know in 2021

Female Hair transplant Treatment-You must know in 2021

Female Hair transplant Treatment-You must know in 2021

In most cases, female hair transplantation is similar to male hair transplantation. Hair transplantation for Bollywood female actresses is a very popular procedure.

Many individuals suffer from baldness, but it is not the end of the world; there are numerous technologies and treatments available to restore your hair (a female shine).

Dr. Galani's Hair Transplant Clinic In Surat is most successful Hair transplant Clinic. It's all about our hair lives, as I fill "one expert doctor saves many lives."

What is a Female hair transplant?

  • Female hair transplant is a process of surgery, in which hair removes from one part of the body (this part is called as "donor site") and transplanting them bald part of the beneficiary part.
  • Normally, male pattern baldness is the most common condition with this method, but it also popular with female also.
  • Grafts that containing hair follicles that generally resist from balding. Using this hair transplant method, we are taking grafts and cover our bald area.
  • Many people used this Hair transplant process to regrow hair. This method can be used to repair female hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, chest hair, beard hair, and sometimes it used for covered the scars of accident or previous surgery.

Female hair transplant before and after

Now a day, Female are very conscious with their hair, every girl has a dream to have long and healthy hair. Isn't it?

I see that you have also want long and healthy hair and tired with all home remedy and gossip then, why you wait for? just wake up and call the doctor for interview.

We provide you all details regarding Female hair transplant and we have also case study of Patient from abroad.

Many girls have fear with that treatment but when they saw the results of the happy clients with their natural hair, they feel to get ready for that.

Pre- planning for the operation

  • First plan meeting with the patient and then ask them their allergy, problems, and about balding area.
  • Discuss their preference and expectations what they want after surgery.
  • Tell them and advise for balding area, talk about result, outcome from the surgery.
  • Just advise they do not use any alcohol or smoke before grafting hair, it causes poor grafts survive.
  • Stop using harmful chemical and medicine before hair transplant.
  • Antibiotics are frequently provided after surgery to prevent wind or graft injection.

Harvesting methods for both Male and Female

  • 1.Strip harvesting
  • 2.Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • 3.Follicular Unit Transplant
  • 4.Robotic hair restoration

1.Strip harvesting

Outpatient transplant surgeries are performed with light sedation (optional) and administered local anesthetic. Before the donor scalp is extracted, it is shampooed and then treated with an antimicrobial substance.

Hair follicle harvesting can be done in a variety of ways, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

When we are ensuring the survival of the hair transplanted without choosing the harvesting procedure it may be critical. (The cutting of the hair shaft from the hair follicle.

Because hair follicles grow at an angle to the skin's surface, transplanted tissue must be removed at the same angle.

Many females have their own choice, so doctors have to prepare tissue for the bald area.

2.Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

If you want individual follicular units containing 1 to 4, you can easily extract hair by FUE harvesting or FUE extraction. Normally, doctors used 0.6 to 1.0 mm diameter, tiny punch for micro removal. 
The surgeon next punctures the locations for receiving the grafts with extremely small micro blades or fine needles, inserting them in a preset density and pattern and angling the wounds in a consistent method to promote a realistic hair pattern. 
The final step of the surgery is usually performed by the technicians, who set the individual grafts in place.
  • FUE can be done in a single long session or in a series of smaller sessions.
  • FUE is a more time-consuming treatment than strip surgery. The length of an FUE surgery depends on the surgeon's experience, harvesting pace, and patient features. Dr. Vivek Galani is one of the most experienced doctors of Surat.
  • The FUE Hair Transplant method has some limitations in terms of patient eligibility.
  • People are chosen for FUE based on a fox test, albeit the utility of this in screening clients for FUE is debatable.
  • Increased surgical times and a higher cost to the patient are also disadvantages.
  • The treatment is physically hard, and the learning curve to gain the essential skills is extensive and difficult for inexperienced surgeons. Requires citation
  • When compared to strip harvesting, some surgeons believe that FUE can result in a lower ratio of successfully transplanted follicles so female are sometimes feeling scared with this treatment.

3.Follicular Unit Transplant

The classic hair transplant method, follicular unit transplantation (FUT), involves harvesting a linear strip of hair-bearing skin from the back or side of the scalp. After that, the strip is split to separate the individual grafts.

4.Robotic hair restoration

Cameras and robotic arms are used by robotic hair restoration systems to aid the surgeon with the FUE technique. Neo Graft was the first FDA-approved robotic surgical device for hair restoration in 2009. In 2011, the FDA approved the ARTAS System for extracting follicular units from brown-haired and black-haired men or women.

Hope, you like all those information and these all is supporting you to get ready for hair transplantation. This information getting courage you so, what you think? Let's take your phone and fix an appointment with your doctor.

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