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Though everyone experiences life in a vastly different way, there will always be a few things that make all of us the same. We, as humans, tend to share the same experiences and feelings that we can't always quite pinpoint. Jon Koening's Dictionary Obscure Sorrows was created for just that reason, to describe those feelings we all get sometimes that we thought were impossible to put into words. Some of them are gorgeous, here's ten.

1. Chrysalism

Chrysalism is defined as that ultra melancholic feeling of security and coziness you feel when you're indoors during a thunderstorm. You might not have realized there was a word for it before, though you've definitely felt this way on a stormy day, cuddled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea.

2. Rubatosis

Rubatosis is that freaky feeling you're overcome with when you become aware of your own heartbeat. It doesn't happen much, but when it does, it's definitely a bit unsettling that we sometimes forget about the logistics of our own bodies. Spooky!

3. Adronitis

Adronitis is described as that sense of frustration you feel with how long it takes to get to know a person. People are full of complexities, aren't they? This feeling is totally valid, and it can refer to both lovers and friends.

4. Nodus Tollens

Have you ever felt as though you were the main character in your own, personal movie, only to discover that the plot you had originally intended didn't play out the way you expected? That's nodus tollens. It happens when you eventually realize that our lives don't make narrative sense. Why should they, anyway? It's far more peaceful to exist just for the sake of it.

5. Avenoir

Avenoir is the desire to be capable of living life backward. For example, how different do you think your life could play out if you began it with the wisdom you attained at an old age? Maybe you'd be able to enjoy your childhood more, or maybe you'd be able to make smarter career or family choices. They do say that youth is wasted on the young...

6. Xeno

Xeno describes our most mundane interactions with others. Xeno is like the smallest bit of attention you can give to a stranger: a double take at a someone cute across the room, a polite head nod to the man walking his dog on the sidewalk.

7. Onism

Onism is the restrictive feeling you get when you realized you're confined to one body and one experience of life when there are infinite varieties of lives that the others around you hold. There is a certain frustration that comes with onism, and that is knowing the extent of our lives are constricted by time, perspective, and our own physical forms.

8. Heartworm

Have you ever had the sort of relationship that just wouldn't get out of your head, even if it was long gone? Like there was just something special about someone that you can't seem to shake? That's heartworm. As humans, we're prone to go through this at least a few times in our lives.

9. Epillism

Epillism is that terribly sad feeling you get when you realize that you most likely will never be able to see how the rest human history unfolds after you pass. However, you can at least be happy that you get to know so much more than the people who came before you and the people who came before that.

10. Jouska

Jouska is the term used for those conversations with other people that you completely play out in your own mind. It could be an argument with fiery comebacks, an intelligent dialogue with a friend, or even a confession of love. It's pretty funny, actually, that we all do this.

Koening sure knew what he was talking about, huh?

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